Monday, April 21, 2014

Things I've Discovered My Freshman Year Of College | You'll Give Advice On Situations You Have No Experience With

Somehow in college you miraculously are allowed to give amazing advice on situations you have absolutely no experience with. Hopefully this isn't just me (my friends do it to!) but it happens very frequently and my stellar and unexperienced advice rivals that of a Dear Amy help column!

My roommate and I give amazing boy advice yet we have never even had boyfriends, funny how that works!

Caroline, Me, Nell (for your own reference).

It seems that Nell and I are always coming up with extremely insightful boy advice for Caroline, she can't help that she is so cute, and boys can't help that they like her because of it! Nell and I have become absolute experts coaching Caroline through text message responses and getting her ready for dates! Caroline is well aware that Nell and I are making this up as we go along and somehow that is ok!

Maybe everyone doesn't do this and it is limited to my friend group but it seems to work well enough for now so we roll with it!

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