Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Step Into My Week 5.26

Since yesterday was a work holiday for me, I decided to take it off from blogging as well. It was nice to have a day to regroup in Birmingham for the week ahead and spend some time relaxing too. Even though it was the first week our office was technically reopened to a larger group of people, it didn’t feel completely back to usual since I’m working from home on days I don’t have shoots and took Thursday and Friday off. I’m interested to see how this week looks since I have my first “location” shoot again, which is really just a tablescape outside at our office. I’m hoping it kicks me back into gear when it comes to being productive, but I guess I’ll fill y’all in on all of that next week and focus on last week for the time being.

I had a shoot on Monday, which meant that I started my week with an early alarm and headed into the office after a trip to the flower shop to gather some supplies. We were shooting two small tabletop features, which lasted until about 1:00, given that I also had a meeting during that time. I was bummed that I didn’t pack my lunch since I was so hungry by the time I did finally make it home. I ate, planned some shoots, and sent out a few emails before going on a walk to catch up on the phone with Nell after that. We ended up talking for about an hour and a half before I showered and made myself dinner, which I ate while reading. A friend from college ended up calling that night, so we caught up for a bit before I eventually went to bed. 

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Tuesday morning, I woke up and spent the morning working from home. I felt an added amount of pressure to get a lot done since I was taking Thursday and Friday off. Because of that, I decided to go into the office to get things done in the afternoon. I left a little bit before 5:00, feeling slightly relieved by getting some checks on my to-do list. I went to dinner at a friend’s house that night before coming home and going to bed. 

Wednesday was my second shoot day of the week, and it went really well. We were able to fly through a lot of our shots and finished around 1:00. Initially, we were going to head to my roommate’s family’s condo in Navarre, Florida, on Wednesday but ultimately decided to wait and leave on Thursday, which gave me a little bit more time that afternoon to get tasks accomplished. When I got home, I did some laundry before going for a run, showering, eating dinner, and packing. 


We decided to make 9:30 our departure time for the beach on Thursday, which gave me some time to work on blog posts and finish packing before we left. My roommate and I picked up our friend Allie on the way, and I was able to do some work on our drive. We arrived at the beach close to 3:00 and another one of our friends showed up around the same time. All our stuff was put in the condo, we made a grocery list, and ended up spending a couple of hours on the beach that evening. Another friend came in that evening, and we all ate a charcuterie board on the balcony that evening before playing a few games. We went to bed relatively early to prepare for the full day ahead.


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Our Friday morning started very slowly with a leisurely breakfast. I drank coffee and ate my oatmeal while working on blog posts before heading out to the beach close to 10:30. We spent the whole day out there reading, bobbing in the water, and enjoying each other’s company. The last of our friends arrived Friday afternoon after about an hour of playing Monopoly. We made a dinner of shrimp and beef tacos complete with margaritas and salsa and guacamole that we ate on the balcony. After cleaning up, we played Apples to Apples and watched Mamma Mia 2 before going to bed. 

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Saturday was another full beach day with our whole group. We lucked out with awesome weather the entire time, and the water felt especially lovely this day. That made us spend even more time bobbing in it and riding the waves in and out, given their large size. Unfortunately, I got a less than appealing sand burn doing that at one point, but it kept my dad’s famous saying that “it’s not a holiday without a flesh wound” stand true. After we got cleaned up that night, we continued with our Monopoly game until the pizza we ordered arrived. We ate out on the balcony one last time before making cookies and watching TV before bed. 


We woke up on Sunday morning and cleaned up some before eating breakfast and packing to head out. We got on the road around 9:45 and got back to Birmingham close to 3:30. Once I was home, I started unpacking before heading to a friend’s house to eat sushi for dinner. We watched a few episodes of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix (which I had already seen but have forgotten a lot of what happened). I was pretty tired, so despite having Monday off, I went to bed around 11:00. 

Monday was Memorial Day, and although I wasn’t still at the beach, I definitely made the most of it. I didn’t really do much that morning but went to the pool with some friends around lunchtime, where we grilled out and hung out there until close to 6:30. After heading home to shower, I went back to a friend’s house for us to all eat dinner and hang out to wrap up the long weekend. 

I hope that y’all had an enjoyable long weekend and that maybe your forecast for the week is looking a little less rainy than ours.

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