Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Honoring 2020 Graduates

I’ve mentioned before just how much I feel for high school and college seniors who have had so many exciting moments taken from them as we navigate health precautions with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. I know that I wouldn’t have been the best sport about all the traditions and fun missed and have been genuinely impressed by some of the seniors I know and how they are handling this situation with so much maturity. 

Three of my closest friends happen to be sisters with the youngest, Turner, being a senior in college at Auburn. After seeing the ways in which her older sisters, family, and friends at home have celebrated her to make the end of her senior year special I just knew I had to share since any graduate would be touched by some sort of special celebration until they can hopefully attend a rescheduled version hosted by their school.

Not only did Macy and Bowen (Turner’s older sisters) make her take one last walk to “school” with her backpack on, host a bar crawl at their house complete with notes from friends and the rolling of a tree in Toomer’s Corner (otherwise known as their front yard), but they also put together the sweetest ceremony that I was sad to miss but couldn’t help feeling touched by. 

Here’s a general rundown of what they did in case you’re hoping to do something similar to celebrate someone you know! And I’ll note, I know all the details because they went to the trouble to make programs complete with a special note written by Turner to the attendees of the ceremony. Y’all need a tissue yet? 

Processional … “Pomp and Circumstance”
Invocation … Macy (her oldest sister)
Welcome Address… Macy’s Fiance
Presentation of Awards … Macy and Bowen
Presentation of Degree … Bowen (middle sister)
Cue of the Tears … her mom
Commencement Speech … her dad
Musical Presentation … “Up” by Shania Twain
Valedictorian Speech … Turner (the graduate)
Benediction … friend
Reading … friend
Musical Presentation … “Auburn’s Gonna Win The Football Game” by Rod Bramblett
Closing Remarks … friend
Academic Procession … friend


Even cuter, all the attendees brought or wore hats, which they proudly threw in the air along with Turner as the ceremony ended. The night ended with a shrimp boil by the bay, which is always a favorite meal to eat at their house! While there’s no doubt that this family and their friends pulled out all the stops, it’s just one of many ways to do something memorable in celebration! 

And if you're looking for another way to honor any graduates you may know while remaining socially distant I shared two gift guides last month. The first one  for girls can be found here and the one  for guys can be found here! 

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