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Nordstrom Sale Items I Own And Love

Remember last week when I shared an exclusive sneak peek of some of my favorite finds so far for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happening this Friday? Well, as you prep your scrolling fingers and wallets I thought it might be helpful to share some items I own and adore that will be available during the sale. I will warn you that many of these items are a bit pricier; however, with them being on sale, there’s more incentive to scoop them up at a discount while you can. Take it from me that the cost per wear or use from these items I own are so low thanks to how frequently I reach for them. And better yet, many of these items are ones that I wear year after year thanks to the quality of them.

For me, the Nordstrom Sale is a time to stock up on classic pieces that fill any hole in my wardrobe and can be worn in several different ways. I don’t typically gravitate towards anything too trendy and instead, like to look at what pieces I’ll be able to get the most wear out of. I’ve shopped this sale since high school and over time have been able to build up quite the collection of items that tend to be re-released each year during the sale as crowd favorites. 

From beauty products to shoes and house wears, even though the colors may differ a bit and the styles may be slightly updated, the products generally remain similar. Below you’ll find tons of pieces either identical or very similar to pieces I own and love. If you’re on the fence about any of these items, I would say that going ahead and purchasing them now when they are on sale is going to be better than making it halfway through the season, regretting that you don’t have it, and then paying full price. While I could talk for paragraphs about each of these items individually, I’ve highlighted a few of the very best pieces below the image.

Take my word for it that the white sweater featured in the image above (that is also available in 3 other colors) will be an item that sells out. It’s at the top of my list of items to purchase since the mock-neck style is chic and also practical for an Alabama fall and winter. Sweaters are something I live in during those seasons so finding options that are in colors I gravitate toward, and styles that can be paired with leggings or jeans make them worth every penny of their full price even when I’ve purchased them on sale. I was so excited to see that the exact striped sweater I got last year was back this year too. The scooped hem and mismatched lines of the stripes make it especially flattering. 

While these could be classified as a “treat yourself” kind of item, I was so glad to get a set of these candles before they sold out last year. I had seen them in the sale during previous years but was never quite fast enough to get my hands on them. Whether you keep them for yourself or separate them (each one is individually packaged) for hostess or holiday gifts you really can’t go wrong scooping up a set!

Dark Denim (I especially love the brans 1822 and KUT from the Kloth)
If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, you will have countless options during this sale. I’ve found that while the designer brands are discounted well, many of my favorite pairs of jeans have been the ones I’ve purchased from the more affordable brands. I’m not sure I would have given them a try had it not been for the Anniversary Sale but am so glad that I did. I tend to stick to dark wash skinny denim but have seen some really cute flare hem options that I may have to order to try on!

Barbour Waxed & Quilted Jackets (also have and love the vest)
I’ve said this before, but one of the best gifts I ever received was my Barbour Jacket. I got it freshman year of college and have worn it nonstop in the fall and winter ever since. I need to get it re-waxed this summer to keep it protected, but everyone I know who is older and has one has mentioned just how durable these jackets are. While the one on the sale isn’t identical to the one I own, it looks super similar in its dark color and waxed exterior making it worth it if you were considering one since it is over $100 off. You can see the guide I created to Barbour Jackets here if you’re struggling to figure out what size you would want! When I was in London after sophomore year, I purchased a vest that zips into my jacket for added warmth, and it looks equally as cute styled on its own as it does under the jacket. I also have a quilted Barbour Jacket (in a lighter weight grey color) that is perfect in the spring time. While it didn’t seem like the sale had any lightweight, quilted Barbour Jackets, I did find this quilted Barbour that would be perfect for the fall and winter! 

Booties (Light Tan & Brown)
The shoes I’ve purchased during past Anniversary Sales have been some of my most worn items in the fall and winter. While I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of riding boots (fingers crossed there is a cute pair offered this year), I have a pair of light tan booties that I got two years ago that I have worn the steam out of and luckily they still have plenty of wear left in them. The darker brown pair I got during last year’s sale have also become a staple. 

I remember purchasing this set during one of my first Nordstrom Sale shopping experiences, and I haven’t strayed from it since. It lasts such a long time and is the perfect non-intimidating bronzer, blush, and highlighter trio that is easy to pack away when traveling. I’m not quite out of my current set but am considering grabbing a backup to have when I do run out. 

The style of this bag is a modern update on the Tory Burch crossbody bag I own and use all year long. When it comes to purses, my mindset is that having a few high-quality ones that you can wear no matter the season is better than having a bunch of trendy ones. For that reason, I think sticking with the brown or black option is a practical choice. 

I blame my dad for this since he is definitely a big fan of athletic shoes, but growing up we always had a pair of shoes we actually worked out in and tennis shoes that you could throw on with workout clothes but didn’t actually workout in. This may sound crazy, but it helped extend the life of our actual workout shoes and made it so that I could choose cute athletic shoes without having to think about whether or not they would actually be decent for exercising in. In my mind, it’s a win-win. While I can’t say that the Nsale will have the best of the best supportive tennis shoes, they have some cute and colorful options that would fit the bill for any athleisure style outfit you put together. 

Hunter Rain Boots (short & tall)
Hunter boots have been my rainy day staple since 7th grade when I first received a tall version of these boots. I have them in a deep purple color, and while I love that original pair eventually decided to get a short pair. Now I wear the short pair more frequently, but you really can’t go wrong with either option. I believe these are only offered in black during the sale, which would make them a perfectly practical rainy day buy!

Patagonia Jackets (Size Up!)
Last year one of my best purchases was my quilted Patagonia jacket. Although I haven’t seen it just yet in my browsing of this year’s sale, there are a number of awesome jackets from the brand offered. While it’s crazy to think about bundling up come winter during the heat of July you’ll be glad to have gotten it on sale before you actually need it! Patagonia does tend to run small so definitely size up. Personally, I’d order a large in their pullovers for an oversized fit (I’m usually a 2 or a 4 in clothing and am about 5’7”) and have a medium in the quilted front zip style. 

Over the Knee boots were something it took me a while to fully adapt to. For the longest time, I thought they were much too edgy for me and that I wouldn’t be able to pull them off. After seeing so many friends in theirs over previous years, I decided to give the pair I own a try during the sale two years ago. I was kind of picky when it came to what I wanted them to look like, and somehow, this pair completely fit the bill. With a flat bottom, tight but not too tight shaft, and waterproof coating I was sold and have worn them every winter since. Whenever I wear them, my friends always ask where they are from and for a while, Nordstrom didn’t carry them anymore. I’m hoping they bring back this exact pair but love the detailing and color options available in the pair featured. This would be a great item to ask for as a gift and save until the time comes since you likely won’t be wearing them any time soon. 

My Madewell Tote is one of my most used tote bags and is perfect for carting to work or packing up for a weekend trip. I love the newly updated style with a suede stripe in the middle, and although I am glad I have the cognac color think that the navy blue option is adorable as well. This would make a great tote bag for anyone in college or the working world since it’s durable and spacious! 

And remember, all my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts can be found here in case you missed something! 

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