Tuesday, July 2, 2019

73 Questions with Dorothy

Have y’all ever watched one of Vogue’s 73 questions videos? I’m really not that in-tune to pop culture but love learning more about the celebrities they interview through that series. It’s also fun given that they tend to walk the viewers through their home or office while simultaneously doing the interview. I’m certainly not a celebrity and didn’t have a camera crew to follow me around while answering 73 questions, but I did see Elle of The Champagne Edit answer 73 questions about herself and thought it was such a fun idea for a post that I had to copy her. I try to do a Q&A once a month (don’t worry, I’m already working on coming up with answers for the questions you’ve asked for July) but thought this would be a welcome addition as well. So, here goes nothing…

1.    What is something that you can’t live without? A sound machine while I sleep.

2.    What is a secret talent of yours? This is about to sound so silly, but I am really good at grabbing the right number of hangers for clothes that need to be hung up after getting them out of the dryer. I know that is not what this question probably was meaning by talent but it’s the first thing that came to mind and I don’t really have any stage talents per se. 

3.    What are 3 words to describe yourself? Poised, Sarcastic, Thoughtful.

4.    Where do you get inspiration from? Podcasts, Instagram, and Pinterest.

5.    What is your favorite animal? Rabbits, Zebras, Dogs. 

6.    What is your favorite snack food?Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn, but I can’t keep it around because I will undoubtedly eat the entire bag. 

7.    What is your favorite piece of makeup? Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Moisturizer.

8.    What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Hmm, I don’t really know. Maybe “have fun.” That probably sounds a little lame but it’s what my parents always would tell me before I’d leave to head back to school. They knew that I took my studies pretty seriously, so it always came as a nice reminder not to take anything too seriously and to make sure to add plenty of fun into my schedule.

9.    What is the last book that you read? An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena.

10.What is your favorite genre of music? In the summer, definitely country. 

11.What celebrity do you want to be BFF’s with? Reese Witherspoon.

12.What is your biggest regret? I don’t know if this counts as a regret, but losing all the pictures I took from when I studied abroad for a month in Paris and London is definitely high on that list.

13.What is one thing on your bucket list? I made a list of 101 things here so any of those would work! 

14.What is your favorite quote? I don’t have a favorite, but I’ll work on it. 

15.What is your favorite sport to play and to watch? Play: Soccer. Watch: Football.

16.What is your favorite place that you have ever visited? I love Charleston but also had the best time in Paris. 

17.What is your guilty pleasure? Dessert.

18.What is your biggest achievement? Getting my master’s while teaching? Even though I’m not technically using it, that experience pretty much solidified that I can do anything.

19.What is the best thing to happen to you this month? I got to work on some really fun blog collaborations, travel with friends, and enjoy summer. 

20.What is your go to coffee order? Iced coffee with vanilla and cream.

21.What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Coffee or sparkling water.

22.What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Margaritas or Moscow Mules.

23.What is your favorite movie? The Parent Trap but if you don’t want to listen to someone quote the whole thing then don’t watch it with me. I also love Father of the Bride. 

24.What is something that you can’t do but wish you could? Sing. I am so tone deaf that I get embarrassed singing happy birthday to other people.

25.What is a bad habit of yours? Lately I’ve been really bad about waving my hand (albeit discreetly) in an attempt to speed people along in traffic. I blame 280 in Birmingham for this but it’s definitely not the best habit and I should probably work on breaking it.

26.If you could have someone else’s closet, whose would it be? I’m not as up to date on famous people as I should be so I have no idea. 

27.Favorite way to spend a rainy day? Movies, pajamas, a good book, and tasty food.

28.What is an ideal date? For a first date I like starting at one place for drinks and then migrating somewhere else for dinner if it’s going well. It’s a good way to change up the scenery and give you more to talk about if there’s a lull. 

29.Where is your favorite place to be? In the summer I love being at my grandparent’s beach house. It’s hard not to feel relaxed there and it holds lots of great memories since I’ve made the trek there every summer since I was born.

30.What is your favorite day of the week?  I think Thursday since you get to look forward to the weekend without time beginning to tick away at it. Is that weird?

31.What is your favorite type of breakfast food? On weekdays oatmeal but on weekends I would devour a buffet of donuts, omelets, bacon, breakfast casserole, and cinnamon rolls.

32.What is your favorite meal to have for dinner? My dad makes the BEST flank steak that is hard to beat.

33.What is your favorite color? Blue. Big shocker there I’m sure.

34.What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Lately the Bachelorette. 

35.What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Open up my curtains.

36.What is your favorite season? Fall.

37.What are your three favorite holidays? The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

38.How do you relax? Not well. Although lately I've been reading a lot which I find relaxing.

39.What makes you smile the most? Thoughtful gestures from friends and memes.

40.What is the best gift you’ve ever received? A debt-free education. I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop telling my family thank you for that.

41.If you had a tattoo, what would it be and where would it be? A tattoo isn’t something I’ve ever wanted but if I had to get one it would probably be something very small in a discreet location. Not sure what exactly it would be, probably something that held sentimental value.

42.What is a travel must have? Snacks and gum.

43.What is your favorite clothing brand or store? Tuckernuck.

44.What is your favorite smell? Fresh baked cookies or the smell of a Christmas tree.

45.Who is the last person you texted? My friend, Macy.

46.When was the last time you cried? Two weeks ago although that was only the second time since moving to Birmingham last September that I cried. Should I be concerned?

47.What is your least favorite food? Bananas.

48.What is your least favorite word? I’m not sure if I have one.

49.What is your pet peeve? Y’all I feel like this could be a long list… I hate mouth noises and people being rude or inconsiderate. 

50.What is your favorite time of the day? The 25 minutes I spend in bed with my coffee and breakfast in the morning while reading. 

51.If you could travel with anyone, who would it be? Probably Nell or Sophia since I know we live and travel well together. 

52.Do you prefer vintage or new? New although I love vintage hand-me-down jewelry.

53.When is your birthday and what is your sign? December 26th, so I’m a Capricorn. 

54.What is a skill that you are working on? Being better about not interrupting. I find myself sometimes doing this to friends and I feel really bad about it. 

55.What is your dream job? Something that combines interior design, styling, writing, and social media. 

56.If you could live anywhere in the country, where would you live? Hopefully it’s not lame to say Birmingham since I’ve been loving it here so far.

57.What are some of your favorite baby names? I’m not one of those girls that has a running list on her phone, but I love family names and could see myself doing something of that nature one day. 

58.Are you an introvert or extrovert? Introvert. I definitely get my energy from being by myself.

59.What is your first car? Hyundai Santa Fe.

60.What was your first screen name? Spottiedottie94.

61.What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Moose tracks or Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough.

62.What is your favorite fashion trend of all time? Skinny jeans.

63.How would you describe your style? Classic yet modern.

64.If you could have one superpower what would it be? To be able to pause or be in control of time. 

65.What is your favorite curse word? I don’t curse often, but if I had to choose one probably the “s” word.

66.What is the priciest thing you’ve ever splurged on? A new computer. It was a gift, but I went to pick it out and had to call my bank to clear the purchase.

67.What is one item that you must have in your purse at all times? A granola bar.

68.Where does one go on a perfect road trip? From the mountains (with a quick pit stop at Furman) to the beach.

69.Do you prefer cooking or baking? Baking, I love sweets.

70.Are you a shoe or handbag gal? Based on which I have more of I’d say shoes.

71.How would you like to be remembered? Positively, haha. 

Wow. If you feel so inclined, leave an answer or two to one of these questions below. 

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