Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Step Into My Week 7.16

Happy Tuesday! I hope y’all didn’t mind the switch up yesterday with a post aside from Step Into My Week going live. Amazon Prime day is just too good not to share and is still going on. If you’re looking into purchasing any of my favorite items shared in yesterday’s post now is a great time to do so. 

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but life has been busy. We’ve had a ton going on at work, I’ve been putting in lots of hours on the blog to make sure I get helpful sale (and regular) posts live for y’all, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of hanging out with friends and enjoying the summer weather all of which together make for a full agenda. On top of that, I head to Seattle next week for Sophia’s wedding and am trying to get ahead on a lot of fronts so that it’s mainly play, not work while I am there. I hope that y’all haven’t felt so on the go lately, but if you have then I know how you feel!

Monday I hit the ground running for my busiest week in a while starting my morning with comments, emails, and lots of copy. For Southern Lady, we were finishing up our October issue, so pieces were routing and a few things left to finalize. Around lunchtime, the wrapping paper we needed for a shoot later in the week (yep, Christmas in July is a very real thing) arrived, so I spent most of the afternoon wrapping presents for that shoot. Fortunately, I had a really good audiobook to listen to while I did that (see Listening below). Covered in glitter from the bows tied onto the presents, I left the office and headed to the Y for a workout. From there, I hurried home to shower while my friends showed up to watch the bachelorette. More exciting than the episode was the fact that Ellison (one of my best friends and previous roommate in Greenville) texted Sophia and I that she got engaged! Once the episode was over and friends left, I went to bed to prepare for what I knew was going to be an equally as busy Tuesday. 

I only had a couple of hours in the office on Tuesday, and all of that time was spent working on social media captions and scheduling. You don’t really realize how long that can take until you sit down to do a lot of it at once. Around 9:30 a stylist and I headed over to our location for the next two days to begin setting up for The Cottage Journal’s Christmas cover shoot. By the end of the day, we had set up and decorate a nine-foot tree and transformed the house into a Christmas miracle. That afternoon our team darted back to the office for a web meeting before heading out the door. I went straight home to change and get ready for dinner with a friend at Bottega Café that night. We ended up sitting outside, and I was especially glad the restaurant had set up fans since Alabama has been experiencing an intense heatwave. After dinner, we went to a cool speakeasy called the Marble Ring in Avondale. Once I got home, I quickly changed into pajamas and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Wednesday morning was similar to Tuesday morning with my time at my desk being spent really productively since it was limited. I had a Southern Lady team meeting at 10:00 and then headed back to the Christmas cover shoot once that was finished. We shot everything we needed and at the end of the day disassembled the tree, loaded up the cars, and unpacked everything at the office. Macy met me at my house to go for a walk that afternoon, and since I felt like I hadn’t taken time to take a breath so far during the week I skipped bible study and instead showered, made dinner, and worked on the Nordstrom sale posts y’all probably saw last week. Eventually, I read and turned off the lights to finally go to sleep. 

I felt like on Thursday I did not come up for air when it came to tackling my to-do list. I kicked off the day responding to comments and editing pulled photos and then moved straight into writing social media captions and scheduling posts. It was a binder day, and I ended up having to put all the binders in order before finalizing the resources for the issue. At lunch, I raced off to get the straps shortened of a bridesmaid dress and then it was back to work for a busy afternoon. I had to read through the binder, prepare comp copies for both titles, and mail out packages and giveaway products all before 5. After work, I went to the Y to get in a workout and sweat out some stress! I was shocked by how many people were at the gym on a Thursday since usually it’s a pretty slim crowd then. After the Y, I headed home to shower and make dinner before Nell came over to catch up and have me act as a pretend patient for one of her PA school assignments. She ended up staying over til a little after 9:00. The day caught up with me after that, so I closed my laptop and put my phone down to read before bed. 

If you read this post from Friday, then you already know that I nearly overslept. Y’all! I never do that. I think I must’ve forgotten to set the alarms on my phone when I went to bed and am so thankful for the text I received from a friend at 7:21 that had me jolting out of bed to be ready to leave my house by 7:35. Clearly, the week took a toll on my energy level. Fortunately, work doesn’t start till 8:00 on Fridays so I was still on time and laughed about it. I got through my to-do list for the most part with one small thing I needed to take home and finish up and left the office at noon and headed straight to Starbucks. For those of you who have been around for a while, you know Starbucks Friday is normally my morning tradition, but I held off this day to use it as my workspace for the afternoon to get two Nordstrom sale specific posts live. After that, it was back home to shower and tidy up my room (it always looks its worst on Friday afternoons) and relax before my evening plans. My roommate and I got ready and were picked up by some of our friends to head to another friend’s house before Art on the Rocks that night. We got to his house around 6:00 while the whole group trickled in before eventually leaving and heading to the event close to 8:00. I didn’t really know what to expect from the event since I had never been, but it turned out to be one of the most fun nights I’ve had in Birmingham in a while. There were performances, live music, and delicious drinks and food. We went with a big group which made it even more fun as we navigated our way around the art museum. I was shocked by just how many people were there too given that I hadn’t heard of the event until I bought my ticket. This is the 15th year that it is hosted in the summer and there is one more event this summer on August 9th if you’re in the Birmingham area and are looking for something fun to do! Once the event ended at 11:00, some of us went to the Redmont Hotel’s rooftop bar before eventually making our way home.


Saturday morning, I woke up much earlier than I should have given my bedtime and couldn’t seem to fall back asleep. I laid in bed for a while, trying to until I eventually got up and made myself coffee and breakfast. Our group text from the night before was going off, and somehow it was decided that we would all do brunch together at 11:15 so I did some work until then. We ended up cooking quite the spread and hung out on a friend’s screen porch while it rained outside, which was so relaxing. I spent the middle part of the day trying to get some more work done but was only mediocrely successful. My friend Macy was house sitting nearby, and the home has its own gym so in an attempt to feel like we were somewhat productive we did a long workout there. After that, I tried to make up my mind of whether or not to go to another live music event and ultimately ended up not going opting to watch Grey’s Anatomy with a friend instead! I think I was even asleep by 11:00, which was nice. 


On Sunday, I got up and read in bed while eating my breakfast before getting ready for church and heading to Starbucks to do work there before the service at 11:00. I met my roommate at church, and then afterward, I ran to the grocery store to stock up for the week. I ate lunch while doing laundry and working on some blog work before heading back over to the house were Macy was house sitting to meal prep together (this is the recipe we made) and then workout again. By the time I finished there it was nearing 6:00 so I came home, talked to my parents, and put away the laundry before showering and doing the rest of my meal prepping for the week. Nell came over, and we caught up on our weekends while I was cooking and eating my dinner. Once I had cleaned up the kitchen, I dried my hair and got in bed to finish up the last few things I needed to do before reading and attempting to fall asleep. I don’t think I actually fell asleep until well after midnight which was frustrating, but I’m just going to use it as an excuse to go to bed earlier tonight! 


Reading: Dear Wife by Kimberly Bell
I just finished this book and holy cow it was so good! I find a lot of thrillers to be a bit predictable, and while there were some things I guessed the main plot twist shocked me. I almost want to go back and reread it now knowing what I know. This would be a good beach read but probably not one I’d want to listen to since it shifts perspectives in different chapters. 

Shopping: The Nordstrom Sale
If you are planning to shop the sale either with a card or when it opens to the public on Friday you can find all of the posts I’ve done so far about the sale here!

Listening To: An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanan
Y’all know how much I love the Libby app and how easy it makes listening to audiobooks. The only downside is that lately, I haven’t had a ton of time. I had started this book and am loving it, but sadly it got returned before I finished it. I am hoping it’ll be available again soon since I’m dying to know what’s going to happen next. I may have to pick it up from the library just to find out! 

Planning: AHEAD! 
I leave for Sophia’s wedding next week so between getting ahead at work, preparing to head to Seattle for that, and trying to make sure all my blog posts are ready to roll while I’m gone my to-do list and calendar are looking extra full. 

Wearing: Dresses
We had a heat advisory warning here in Birmingham all last week, and I took that as an excuse to wear the flowiest clothing items I own. As you may have noticed in the work outfits I showed above dresses were all I wore. 

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