Thursday, July 18, 2019

Prep In Your Step Nordstrom Sale 2018 Top Clicks & Buys

If you remember from this post, I love looking at the analytics of blog posts and products I’ve talked about on the blog. I’ve never been much of a numbers person (and am still bitter that my lowest grade in college was in finite math), but there’s something about seeing numbers to back something up that intrigues me. I’ve already mentioned that as a blogger, I make a very small commission off of the product purchased (paid from the retailer, never your pocket). I can go onto the site used and look at all of the details about products linked to see whether or not they interest y’ all. How cool is that!? 

Since the Nordstrom Sale opens to everyone tomorrow, I decided to take a look at what products y’ all were most likely to click on and purchase from last year’s sale. I was surprised that most of them were also the items that I ended up purchasing, great minds think alike. Better yet, a lot of the items are being offered again this year during the sale either identically as they were last year or a very similar version. Below you will find what Prep In Your Step readers and followers loved best.

I’m looking forward to sharing the items I purchased as well as a review of their fit and how I like them tomorrow and who knows, maybe y’ all will be just as likely to love those as me after seeing last year’s stats.

Remember, you can shop all of my 2019 Nordstrom Sale Posts here (find 2018 here) and to shop the pieces below click directly on the item to be taken to where they can be purchased! 

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