Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Step Into My Week

I was fully expecting this past week to progress slowly since it always seems to work that way when you have a vacation to look forward to. It ended up flying by and come Thursday I was kind of in shock. I am currently in at the beach with my family and took yesterday and today off from work for a bit of an extended weekend since my parents were already taking off for Mardi Gras (yep, that’s a thing, and I used to get a whole week off from school for it). It has been so nice to have some extra time to eat good food and relax with my family at the beach before heading back to Birmingham today. We will cover all of that next week so for now here is what I’ve been up to this past week… 

I think I mentioned this last week, but Mondays always seem to be really productive for me. Between working on resources for an upcoming issue, writing a draft of a piece for a summer issue, as well as other tasks I tend to leave feeling like I’ve gotten a lot done. After work, I was really excited because one of my best friends was in town for the night to visit her sister (another one of my close friends, Macy) and me. I went straight to Macy’s house so that we could ride together to grab drinks downtown at one of our favorite bars, Carrigan’s. After drinks, we went back to Macy’s house and made dinner together and caught up before watching some of the Bachelor together. It’s always so fun to have friends in town, and I’m glad to have started off the week with a visit from her! 

On Tuesday I had a binder for one of our upcoming issues at our desk to look over. After seeing everything on my computer screen a few times, it’s always enjoyable to have it in my hands to look over. I spent the majority of the day working through that while also getting through a few other things before leaving the office. After work, I went to the Y to workout and then came home to make dinner and get showered. I watched the part of the Bachelor I missed before going to bed.

Wednesday was fun since I knew I had two meetings that would break up my day a little bit. In the morning I got to sit in on a styling meeting for a shoot we have coming up. After that meeting was finished I started to reach out to vendors for the supplies we would need. After lunch, I had another meeting with an interior decorator and got a glimpse of her new book. I was able to tackle my to-do list that afternoon before I left the office. I went to the Y and did my last pre-half marathon treadmill workout which felt like an accomplishment in and of itself. Over the last few months, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit running on the treadmill and am definitely excited for the weather to consistently be more conducive for outdoor runs. I showered, ate dinner, and did some laundry before getting in bed and calling it a night. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, come Thursday I was shocked that the week was already coming to a close. I spent a good part of the day pulling images, editing them, and scheduling them for social posts for the coming month. After work, I went straight to dinner with Nell and Rebecca at Little Donkey before the Furman v. Samford basketball game. I was impressed to see a decent turn out of Birmingham Furman fans which I am sure contributed to the dins win 90-81! Nell, Rebecca, and I reminisced on our love for Furman most of the game which makes it an extra good thing that we sat among other Furman fans. After we got home, I had to pack up to head to the beach. That took a little while and doing it last minute definitely contributed to over packing but since I was driving it didn’t seem like a big deal. I got in bed around 10:15 and was asleep moments later.

Friday morning started my favorite way with Starbucks Friday. I worked on a few blog graphics before heading to work. Work went by surprisingly quickly for having a trip to look forward to. Maybe that was because I wanted to make sure all my ducks were in a row since I would be out of the office on Monday and Tuesday. Before leaving the office, I heated up my leftovers from the night before to serve as my lunch before I hit the road. The drive from Birmingham to where we were staying was about 4 hours. I passed the time listening to The Couple Next Door (using the Libby app) and Spotify. I got to the house around 4:45. My mom and I explored the neighborhood we were staying in with Scout before opting to head to dinner. We went to the Watercolor Wine Bar after parking for the restaurant we were planning to go to in Seaside was too much of a zoo. Once we came home, I showered and hung out before going to bed.

Saturday morning I got to sleep in, and my dad got in town around 9:30. My mom and I decided to do some shopping around Watercolor. We didn't end up purchasing anything but had a good time browsing. Then it was off to pick up my race packet from Seaside. For lunch, we met my dad at Grayton Brewing before heading back to the house for an afternoon nap. We hung out at the house for a little while before going for a carb-filled dinner at Borago. I got a delicious salad and pasta dish (the leftovers from that ended up being an afternoon snack on Sunday), and we were back for an early bedtime since the next morning had an early alarm. 

Sunday I woke up around 4:30 so I could eat something and get ready for the race. There were supposed to be thunderstorms and rain all Sunday, and luckily the forecast changed, and rain wasn't expected until around 10:00. Since the race is down 30A, I drove to the shuttle stop and was able to end up in downtown Seaside around 6:15 to stretch, use the restroom, and get set to go. The half marathon began at 7:00 and the humidity was undoubtedly at 100%. Not that I've run other half marathons, but I felt like this one was very lively and fun with entertainment along the way and a good number of spectators. The house we stayed in was along the course, so I got some cheers passing by from my parents on the way out and on the way back. I felt pretty well prepared the whole time, but during the last three miles, I was definitely ready to cross the finish line. My parents were at the finish line waiting for me once I crossed it. We got my race time, a post-race picture, free beer, and free food while enjoying the after party. I was so ready to sit down that we grabbed a more filling meal and sat down at a table overlooking the finish at Pickles. Eventually, we went back to the house where I was so excited to take a shower and then soak in the bath before taking a long nap. The storms we were supposed to have that morning came in the evening after we went on a golf cart ride and visited some friends nearby. For dinner we went to Stinky's Fish Camp where the meal was great, but the dessert was even better. If you happen to eat a meal there definitely save room for their chocolate peanut butter pie. The crust was essentially made out of chocolate fudge, and I'm convinced heals any sore muscles! After that, it was back to the house, and I was asleep before 8:30 (exhausted much?).

Overall it was a very busy, fun, and rewarding week! 


I talked about Everybody Rise last week, so I’ll focus on the other two reads now. I’ll Be There For You was one of the books that my dad got me for Christmas. He always does a good job of finding fun books for my brother and me and knowing my love of the show Friends picked this one out for me. I haven’t made it very far yet, but I am excited to have it as my new morning read. 

The next thing I’ve been reading is a blog that one of my friends from college started called the Yo Pro Know. Kamber and I were both KDs at Furman (we actually met one another on an accepted students day before the school year even started), and she served on exec as VP-Operations when I was President. I lovingly referred to her as my paper president since I could without a doubt depend on her to follow through with everything and fully support my big ideas while giving suggestions for making them better. The Yo Pro Know is a blog about how others are making it as young professionals. It’s a place for the people she has interviewed to share both their professional and personal stories to give the reader a new perspective. Kamber has always been the best networker I know (she will randomly leave her business cards at Starbucks in hopes of striking up a conversation, true story) and this seems like the perfect extension of her personality for the benefit of all of us trying to figure out what it truly means to be a young professional. She will be sharing interviews she has had with different people each week on her blog so be sure to check it out! 

Watching: House Hunters
I was hanging with my parents this weekend, what else would you expect? The only acceptable answer would be Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives...

Wearing: Embroidered Tops (specifically this one and this one)
With March officially here I am about to throw in the towel when it comes to wearing sweaters. Instead, I’ve been reaching for the long sleeve tops I own most of which happen to be embroidered. I guess I am naturally drawn to pretty designs in fun colors because I’ve been wearing them more often than I probably should!

Madewell makes the favorite pair of sunglasses I own. I just saw that they came out with a new style this year (without the silver bar in the middle which may solve the sliding problem some of y'all experienced). Hopefully, I will order these before long and will get back to you on what I think of them! 

Eating: As of now all the sweet treats
I have a feeling I could take this whole post-race mentality too far with the treat yourself mentality when it comes to sweets. There are worse things to indulge in (plus tomorrow is Fat Tuesday!), but maybe I’ll still prioritize going to the gym after work just in case J

Loving: Sunlight
I feel like I’ve seen more of the sun lately and it is such a treat. For starters, I’ve been going into work earlier and therefore get to leave earlier meaning I have a bit more time out of the office when the sun is shining. That coupled with the fact that it is starting to get dark a little bit later and it hasn’t been raining quite as much means more sunlight for me and I’m a fan! 

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