Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Creative Ways to Spring Clean this Year

Now that spring is officially here it’s time to tackle something people tend to have a love/hate relationship with, spring cleaning. The thought of cleaning everything as the weather is finally nice enough to get outside can be a bummer, but once it is done, there is a certain feeling of peace that comes along with it. The trick I’ve discovered over the past couple of years when it comes to spring cleaning is to not try to attempt to tackle it all in a single day. There are times when I’ll get on a roll with cleaning and want to keep going which is awesome but knowing that I don’t have to magically make my house/life spotless in one fell swoop is reassuring. Not to add to your stress, but spring cleaning should go beyond just vacuuming your floors. In an attempt to make my own game-plan for spring cleaning, I came up with some out of the way things that could use a little bit of spring cleaning in my own life, and maybe yours as well! 

Cleaning my closet seems like the biggest no brainer when the weather starts to change. It is a bit ridiculous just how many clothes I have and with that comes switching my clothes out between seasons (get excited mom and dad, my winter stuff is heading your way to be hung in my closet at home!). It makes it so much easier only to have the pieces that are seasonally appropriate in my closet at one time and also forces me to take a look at everything I own to decide whether or not it is worth keeping. By the end of my seasonal closet cleanout, I typically have a very large donate/sell pile (probably my roommates and friends’ favorite part of the process too).

During your closet cleanout don’t forget to look through your shoes and bags too. I find that I often overlook these two categories leaving me with more of each than I need considering I tend to gravitate toward the same items while getting dressed. If you’re curious about how I organize my closet, I have a whole post about it here

Social Media
I feel like deep cleaning social media followings have been a trend as of late, and I’m all for it. With a personal Instagram account, one for my blog, and running our magazine account for work that’s a lot of different content to see which can be overwhelming and exhausting. On my personal and blog account, I plan to comb through a lot of the accounts I follow and eliminate the ones that I’m not all that interested by. My roommate recently taught me another social media cleaning tip regarding Facebook friends that I’ve been putting into practice. It sounds kind of bad but in reality, is an excellent way to unfriend those people that you may not know super well or care to keep up with on Facebook. She told me that whenever the birthday notification comes up on her Facebook account, she will look through people with upcoming birthdays and decide whether or not they are someone she keeps up with/needs to be Facebook friends with. While it may seem mean to unfriend them on their birthday (or close to it), I can almost guarantee you that they won’t notice. Over time, your newsfeed will be filled with more people’s post and photos that you actually want to see and a lot less clutter. 

While spring cleaning our entire house is a goal, our kitchen is my least favorite room to clean but one that needs to be clean to be functional. In addition to the typical counter wipe down and swiffering the floor, I’m going to make it a priority to clean out my area of our pantry, fridge, and freezer. Over time it’s easy to forget what may be in there since these are spaces that typically have a door you can close so that they aren’t constantly visible. It shouldn’t take too long but will definitely feel good once I’ve finished and maybe result in fewer groceries to shop for by reminding myself what I already have. 

I mentioned subscriptions in this budgeting post, but they are an easy thing to forget about. Whether you signed up for a certain subscription to watch something specific, have your groceries delivered, etc. if you’re not using the service (or membership) it’s time to get rid of it. The same can be said about emails. If you are sitting on your phone deleting emails without opening them go ahead and take the time to open them once, hit the unsubscribe button, and be done with them for once and for all. 

We all know I love a good schedule and routine, so it’s really not surprising that I like to take a look at how I’m spending my time as a component of my personal spring cleaning. Overall, I am pretty pleased with my weekday schedule and think that it works well for my lifestyle. But, if you’ve found yourself overwhelmed or not spending time the way you want to then sit down with your calendar and attempt to find a solution. Maybe that’s scheduling your workouts ahead of time or meeting a friend for a weekly coffee instead of an after-work drink if you’re feeling exhausted from late weekday nights. There are definitely solutions to be found! 

Everyone’s least favorite thing to look at, finances. If you don’t have a budget, this would be a great time to make one but if you have an established one maybe take a peek at how well you’re following it and if there are any changes that can be made to it to help you save more or spend more wisely. 

I’d love to know what you’re planning to spring cleaning this year! 


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