Monday, March 25, 2019

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday! I hope that your week is off to a great start. It’s a bit unreal to me that it is already the last week of March. While I’m definitely not a huge fan of January and February (cold and ready for spring) sometimes March feels like it drags on and is a bit of a tease of spring. This year it really hasn’t felt that way and has instead flown by. I’m attempting to really enjoy the routine of things and weekends in Birmingham because come mid-April through the end of August I feel like I’ll be in and out a lot. I wish I had done a better job of taking pictures this past week but I kind of failed on that front. 

As for this past week, it included a lot of routine. On Monday I had a long to-do list of resources to write, emails to send, and other follow up things to do. That afternoon I got to head out of the office to pick up the remaining pieces for an upcoming photoshoot which I always enjoy. It was especially great to have a little while away from my desk outside since the weather this past week was unbelievably nice. After work, I went to the Y and walked on the treadmill until my friend Macy arrived. It had been a while since we caught up so we decided that multitasking while working out would be the perfect solution. We ended up doing the workout below that Macy found and were both drenched in sweat at the end of it. 

Tuesday was similar with the addition of working on scheduling social media, packaging up items from shoots that needed to be shipped back, and writing and reading through upcoming features. I also had to take and pick up some items from a photo shoot taking place locally during the day. After work, I went home briefly to change before going to Nell’s apartment to meet her for a walk. Now that the time change has taken place, I can actually do things outside after work since it is still light out which I’ve been taking advantage of. We walked between 3 and 4 miles catching up since she had been on Spring Break the week before. After that, I went home and got clean, ate dinner, and worked on blog stuff before heading to bed.

Wednesday was probably my busiest day of this past week due to a quick turn around on the copy I am doing for an upcoming issue. I was able to knock it out, but it took most of the day. It felt so nice to have it finished in such a short amount of time since it typically takes me much longer to write a piece. After work, I went to the Y before going home to shower, eat dinner, and read before bed. 

On Thursday I packaged and sent out complimentary issues, worked on some of the final copy for our July/August issue, packaged up boxes, and got ahead on social posts. After work, I went to the Y for a bit before heading home to eat dinner before darting back out the door for bible study. Before work on Friday, I went to Starbucks and was able to make a to-do list for this week while also getting a lot done for upcoming issues. On Friday afternoon I ran errands, got a hair cut, cleaned our deck and deck furniture, and eventually showered to get ready for our friends who were coming over that night. We set up our projector to watch March Madness (my bracket is currently in the 93rd percentile, so hopefully it stays that way), had a fire going for s’mores, and got to enjoy hanging out on our deck thanks to the great weather. Everyone left by 11:40 so my roommate and I cleaned up before heading to bed around midnight.

Saturday morning was very laid back, and I ended up eating my breakfast on the deck while working on my computer. The trend for this weekend seemed to be to spend as much time as possible outside. My hair still smelled like a bonfire, so I showered and ate lunch before my roommate, and I met some friends at Good People Brewing for an event that was being hosted there. We sat in the sun, drank a beer, and enjoyed the live music they had playing all afternoon. Eventually, we went back to our house so my roommate could get ready to meet her mom for their evening plans and I could get ready to head to dinner with some of our friends. A group of us went to Freddy’s Wine Bar and split some appetizers before ending our night at Carrigan’s. I was asleep by 11:30 which felt like a major win. 

I got up on Sunday morning and sat outside with my coffee for a bit before getting ready to head to church. After church, I went and got groceries from Trader Joe’s and then went for a long run. I decided to try a new route and happened upon every steep hill there is in Birmingham. I ended my run and walked for a bit while talking on the phone to my parents. Once I got back to our house, I went ahead and prepped my food for the week and eventually ate dinner outside while watching the tail end of the Duke v. UCF game. Afterward, I showered, and my roommate and I started the Netflix series on the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. After we watched an episode, I put my laundry away, packed my gym and work bag for the morning, and got in bed. 

I hope that y’all had a great week! 

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