Monday, March 18, 2019

Step Into My Week

I know that everyone complains about adjusting to this time change, but I am so glad to have a bit of extra daylight. I have found myself in such a good mood now that I have some time out of the office while the sun is still out. Now let’s hope that the sun will stick around for a bit since I am over all the rain we’ve had. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Mondays are often my most productive day. Last week we had a lot of different pieces routing through our team in addition to a staff meeting and general tasks on my to-do list. Before I knew it, it was 5:00 and time to leave. After work, I went to the Y to workout before coming home and quickly showering to watch the Bachelor with my roommate and some of the girls she works with. Pretty much nothing happened in the episode, so we spent most of the time chatting with one another while eating popcorn and cookies. Tuesday was similar other than my day getting off to a very early start with plans to meet a friend for coffee at 6:20. Word to the wise, don’t do that to yourself while you’re still adjusting to the time change. I had another meeting on this day which gave me lots to work on that afternoon since we finalized a few different upcoming photo shoots. After work, I went to the Y despite realizing I should have worked out outside instead because of the sunny weather and then went home, made myself dinner, and watched the Bachelor finale. 

I felt like most of the day on Wednesday was spent emailing back and forth with different businesses to get things squared away for the upcoming shoots we had had a meeting about the day prior. I was able to check some other things off of my to do list as well before going to the gym to workout. After showering and eating dinner, I got in bed early to read my book before falling asleep.

Thursday was a fun work day since a couple of co-workers, and I got to head out of the office to Mountain Brook Village for most of the morning. There was an Open House style event that brought in some creatives from out of town to the stores. We wandered around to meet these artists while looking inside some of the stores that I had yet to go into. We ended up eating lunch at Gilchrist in mountain Brook village before heading back to the office. I wasn’t there all that long before our CEO sent out an email around 4:00 telling everyone to head home early due to tornadoes in surrounding counties. I decided I’d rather be at the gym with other people than at my house alone if there were to be bad weather, so I was able to get my workout done and get home a little bit earlier than normal. The weather was supposed to get worse as the night progressed so the friends I was supposed to go to trivia with, and I collectively decided to bail on that. Instead, I spent the night at home having dinner and reading before bed. 

On Friday morning I got up, got ready, and spent about 30 minutes at Starbucks before work. I was incredibly productive there finishing one of my pieces for our July/August issue, working ahead on resources, and finalizing product shipments for an upcoming photo shoot. After work, I came home and ate lunch before deciding to go for a run since it was sunny and comfortable out.  I ran four miles (with the last two miles at a faster pace than normal) and passed lots of blooming trees and flowers during it. I sat on our back deck for at least 30 minutes if not longer when I got back before eventually showering. My roommate and I met for dinner at six at La Paz in Crestline Village before heading back to our house to watch a movie. 

Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to go to a True40 class. I got up around 8:15 and enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed before heading to the 9:30 class. After the workout, my roommate and I met at Caveat (a coffee shop in Homewood) to work on our respective to-do lists. I came home and had leftovers from dinner the night before as my lunch. I met my friend Allie to go for a walk and get coffee that afternoon. Once I got back to my house Rebecca and I watched the Office for a while before I met our friend Mary for dinner at Saw’s. Rebecca had dinner for a co-workers birthday otherwise she would have joined. Having one on one plans with friends is something that I haven’t been the best at lately (since I love hanging out with our big group of friends) but was reminded of how much more you connect with people in that kind of setting. I went for a drive afterward (really random but I love going for drives and haven’t done that since moving to Birmingham). Once I got home I put on my pajamas and watched part of Ellen DeGeneres’ Netflix special before falling asleep. 

On Sunday I got up around 8:20 (after sleeping for a solid 11 hours). I had coffee and worked on plans for my friend’s bachelorette party before heading to Target to get cleaning supplies for our porch cushions (thrilling, I know). I ate lunch at home and then got dressed to head on a run around the Birmingham Country Club area and Mountain Brook Village. I came home to grab my laptop and went to Church Street Coffee to work on blog text for the week. My roommate joined a bit later on; then it was off to attempt to clean the porch furniture. I went for a walk and caught up with my parents before showering and cooking meals to have for the week. 


Reading: Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford and I’ll Be There For You by Kelsey Miller.
These are the same books I’ve been reading so not much to update y’all on here. After starting I’ll Be There For You, I felt an intense desire to re-watch Friends so be prepared for that urge if you decide to read it. 

Watching: Instant Family
My roommate and I watched this on Friday night once we got back from an early dinner. We had both mentioned wanting to see it, so it was an easy pick for us which isn’t always the case (please tell us we aren’t the only people that sit through and indecisively scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Prime when it comes time to pick out what we want to watch. Instant Family was so cute. Definitely, a heartwarming watch that leaves you in a good mood afterward. We rented it off of Amazon for any of you looking for a place to watch it (although I’d guess it’s cheaper to rent from Redbox). 

Wanting: Vacation Clothes 
Any time I have a trip planned I like to shop around beforehand for cute clothes to wear. I am having to restrain myself from actually purchasing any of these items since I have plenty of clothes, but if I were feeling especially irresponsible, I’d be buying this top, this romper I’ve had my eyes on for a while, and this cute pajama dress.

Eating: Chicken & Veggies
I have been VERY lazy about meal planning lately, so my meals have been lackluster because of that. Baked chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes have been my go-to. I mix that up with salads at lunch but need to look through some recipes soon before I get too sick of these items as a meal. 

Planning: Sophia’s Bachelorette in Charleston
While a lot of this is already squared away, now I’m working through the smaller details. I can’t wait to share more about this after the fact (I’ve got to keep some of it a surprise). If you’ve ever been on a bachelorette or planned one and have any fun ideas or activities that y’all did, please let me know! 

Listening To: Bad On Paper Podcast
When it comes to listening to books vs. audiobooks, I find that I’m a bit of a binger. I go through phases of which I do, and right now I’ve moved away from listening to books and have instead been listening to audiobooks. I discovered the Bad On Paper podcast a few weeks ago and have been enjoying listening to it. 

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