Monday, March 11, 2019

Step Into My Week

I hope waking up today wasn’t too much of a challenge for y’all with the time change. I will say it felt more like a Monday than usual, but I’ll take that for an hour more of daylight any day! Having been on vacation last Monday and Tuesday, I am guessing that this week may feel a bit longer than usual. It definitely took me longer than usual to write today’s post since I couldn’t rely on what my planner told me I did since I clearly wasn’t using it as much while at the beach. 

Monday was our last full day in 30A after my half marathon (more on that tomorrow). I went to bed embarrassingly early most of our vacation, so I woke up around 7:30 which I am sure my parents appreciated since we had breakfast plans. I got ready, and we went to Big Bad Breakfast in Rosemary Beach to start our day. I had been to the one in Birmingham before and loved it, and this location was no different. I think I used running as an excuse to eat since I essentially ordered two breakfasts (avocado toast and pancakes). After finishing up there, we walked around the Rosemary Beach area before heading to Seaside to shop around at some of their boutiques. I didn’t end up finding anything I had to have but was encouraged to see so many brightly colored spring pieces giving me hope that the weather will make it acceptable to wear those sorts of things soon. We dropped my dad off at the house, and my mom and I went to the outlets in Destin. I wasn’t feeling great from the cold I got on Saturday, so we prioritized a few stores, tried a couple of things on, but ended up leaving empty-handed. By then I was hungry again (granted it was close to 1:30) so we went to lunch at Chanticleer in Grayton Beach before I took a long nap. Our afternoon/evening plans were to hang out at the house, pack up, and eat dinner in which led to another early bedtime for me. 


On Tuesday morning we woke up, packed our cars, and hit the road. My parents had a two and a half hour drive, and mine was about four and a half so it was nice to leave on the earlier side so we could get settled before preparing to start our weeks. On my way in town, I stopped at Trader Joe’s to do my grocery shopping before heading home to unpack. I do not love unpacking but forced myself to get it over with before the plans I had that afternoon. Once everything was put away, I changed out of my comfy travel clothes into a normal outfit to meet the owner of Shop Minette, an online boutique that is based out of Birmingham. I was able to try on so many cute pieces and can not wait to continue to share more of my favorite finds with y’all soon both on the blog and on Instagram. I went home with a stack of clothes to shoot for upcoming posts which made me especially grateful to have a clean room and closet to put them away in. The rest of my afternoon was spent showering, meal prepping, and catching up on the Bachelor episode I missed from Monday and then watching the one that aired on Tuesday. I was in bed by 9:30 and asleep not long after.

Wednesday was my first day back at work after the race meaning that I had a long to-do list that I was aiming to accomplish. From catching up on emails, responding to comments on social posts, contacting brands about product features, and working on a couple of stories the day went by pretty quickly. After work, I picked Nell up from the library so that we could go to an Ash Wednesday service together at 6:00. It had been a bit since I had seen her, so we had a quick catch up session in the car before I dropped her off to study yet again. I made my way home after and had dinner, folded laundry, and got in bed to read. Thursday was also a very productive day at work, and I went to the Y for the first time after my half marathon when I got off of work. I forgot my headphones, so I only wound up going two miles on the treadmill and stretching before heading home to quickly shower and eat dinner before bible study. I was in bed by 9:30 which gave me plenty of time to read before turning the lights out. 

Friday morning I went to Starbucks to work on some of this week’s blog content. I didn’t do the best job with posts last week but spent time brainstorming ideas and planning ahead while drinking my coffee which made me feel a little bit better about that. At work, I spent a lot of time pre-planning social posts and captions and unpacking products for a shoot that is happening this week. At noon I headed home to eat lunch and gather clothes since Nell, and I had plans to shoot outfit posts for the first time in what feels like forever (mainly since it is constantly raining in Birmingham during the weekend). We were very productive and had just enough time to head home and change into workout clothes before going to the 4:00 class at True40 downtown. I dropped Nell of on my way home so that we could shower and get ready for our plans that night. Nell, Rebecca, and I went to dinner at Chez Lu Lu in English Village before meeting a group of friends at The Redmont’s rooftop bar. We hung out there for a while before deciding to end our night at a karaoke bar that definitely wasn’t quite as classy as where we started the night. Since it was only 10:00 and the karaoke bar likely doesn’t get busy until midnight we kind of felt like we had the place to ourselves aside from an interesting cast of characters scattered about when we arrived. Song requests were made, sung, and we were all at home by 11:30. Not how we thought our night would go but so fun nonetheless. 

Saturday morning I slept in before plopping down on the couch in our living room to plan out some ideas for my friend Sophia’s bachelorette party next month. While we’ve known we are going to Charleston for it since she got engaged and have had a place booked now I’ve gotten to think more about some other aspects of the weekend. Regardless of what we end up doing I know it will be a blast, but I am very excited about some of the ideas that popped in my head this weekend. I went to Trader Joe’s after that to get my grocery shopping done and spent most of the rest of the day editing photos from the day before while watching movies since the weather wasn’t great. 

On Sunday I was incredibly productive getting lots of laundry, meal prepping, and cleaning done. I went to church with my roommate at 11:00 and filled the rest of my time until 5:00 with the activities previously mentioned. Nell’s mom was in town, so they came over around 5:00 so that she could see where I lived, and then Nell, her mom, Rebecca, and I all went to dinner at Five. I felt spoiled with the company and the food (their Baked Avocado and Uptown Shrimp appetizers are SO good). We got home around 7:30 and my roommate and I turned on Saving Mr. Banks on Netflix before calling it a night.

I hope that y’all had an equally restful and fun week! 


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