Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holiday Gifts Under $25 and $50

Remember how I sort of freaked out about how quickly Christmas is approaching in yesterday’s post? Well, time is ticking to order gifts for people and I feel like I still have so many ideas to share with y’all. Definitely going to have to make a mental note to start gift guides earlier next year so that I can squeeze everything in before the shipping deadlines approach. 

Since many of y’all are like me and just starting out or are maybe in high school or college, it can be hard to come up with more budget friendly items to give that seem nicer than the price paid. Because of that, I decided to create two gift guides for today’s post that include gifts under $25 and gifts under $50. Whether you’re shopping for dirty Santa, a co-worker, your best friend, or any other girl for that matter there is definitely something on this list to please. I will say that if you’re thinking about snagging any of these things I would act sooner rather than later so that they can come in the mail for you and you can wrap them before the holiday season comes to an end.

To shop the items, you can click directly on the product in the graphic to be taken to where the item can be purchased.

Under $25 

Under $50


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