Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gift Guide for the Young Adult

Boy has this cold taken a toll on me and my ability to get gift guides live. I finally am thinking that I’m on the mend (aside from constantly needing a tissue) which will hopefully mean that I’ll be able to publish my remaining gift guides in the coming days. I will say that that means there will be lots of items to shop and less insight from me but hopefully it will help you to feel productive checking off names on your Christmas gift list.

Last night I sat down and wrote out what exactly I have left to shop for and now that I’ve put it down on paper it makes me that much more eager to cross it off. I am more excited about some people’s gifts than others but that is the way it goes I suppose. 

One group of people that I know it can be tricky to shop for is young adults. Whether they have just graduated college and are looking to establish themselves or they’ve been out of school for a bit and have been climbing the career ladder it tends to be easiest to just dole out gift cards and call it a day. Since I know that some people don’t like doing that due to it feeling less personal, I’ve put together today’s gift guide specifically for these hard to shop for young adults. While many of the items are much more practical, some like the dog ornament (perfect if they have a dog of their own or miss the one they may have grown up with) or fancy detergent are an item they will love but not necessarily have purchased for themselves.

As with all of my recent gift guides, you can click directly on the image in the graphic to be taken to where you can purchase each gift idea. And for any of you college-girls or people shopping for one, tomorrow’s gift guide will be just the thing to help you out!  


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