Monday, December 17, 2018

Step Into My Week

Monday mornings are a lot easier when you remember that this is your last Monday working until the new year. Hopefully y’all have some plans to relax a bit this holiday season, but until the weekend it seems like a mad rush to Christmas. My roommate and I were recently talking about how we wish we could make Christmas slow down so that we have time to do everything we want to that is holiday related before it’s actually here. This past week I was able to do plenty of fun Christmas-y things so at least I’m getting there when it comes to getting everything done that I want to.

This past week felt long overall, but the days flew by. Staying busy tends to help with that, but I was convinced that Tuesday should have been Wednesday which I blame on having fun weekend plans to look forward to.

Monday was a day full of tackling my to-do list including finalizing resources, proofreading our March/April binder, and accomplishing various other tasks before calling it a day. That night I had plans to go to get dinner before going to see It’s A Wonderful Life at the Alabama Theater. For dinner, we went to The Pizitz Food Hall which was so cool. If you’re in Birmingham and haven’t gone definitely add it to your list of places worth going. It’s a bit like a fancy food court with a bar in it. After dinner, it was time to walk over to the Alabama Theater for their Christmas movie series. I had never been the before, and it’s an equally as cool place to go when in Birmingham. I believe their Christmas movie series will be going on all this week if you’re looking for something fun and festive to do! 

Tuesday was another busy day in the office with a meeting in the morning, a lot of planning ahead so that taking off for Christmas will actually feel like a vacation. I also did a lot to help prepare for a photo shoot that happened on Thursday which included going to some really cool flower shops in the area. I feel like I’m turning into my mom thinking that garden stores are fun, but the ones we have locally are filled with creative gifts and décor in addition to plants. After work, I went to the gym and then came home to work on graphics for the blog posts that went live last week. 


Wednesday was pretty similar to Monday and Tuesday with the afternoon spent setting up for the photo shoot we had on Thursday. I was able to get a lot of social post planning done for while I’m on vacation next week before we went to the shoot to set everything up. Thursday was spent almost entirely on location for the shoot that will be in our Christmas issue next year. I completely forgot to take any photos of how pretty it looked. After work, I went to the gym and then came home to shower, make dinner, and continue to work on various blog tasks. 

Friday morning, I slept in a little bit later than usual but still started my day with Starbucks before work. I was able to get a lot of work done for it being a half day before running a couple of errands and heading home to relax a little bit that afternoon. I worked on some blog photos and cleaned a bit before Sophia arrived in town from Greenville that night. We immediately went to grab dinner at La Paz with Nell before coming home and catching up in my room. It felt like senior year all over again with 3 of our 4 roommates all in the same place! 

Saturday morning Sophia and I woke up and did our own version of Christmas morning in matching pajamas with coffee in hand to exchange presents with one another. It’s amazing how perfectly she is able to pick out gifts that she thinks I’ll like, and I am so excited to start using the items she gave me. After we got ready, we went to The Essential for brunch (highly recommend) before wandering around Homewood and a few of my other shops in the Birmingham area. We came home and had some down time before we got ready to go to dinner and the Nutcracker with Rebecca that night. We had planned to go to Gian Marcos Wine Bar for dinner but ended up eating at Vino in English Village. Our meal was delicious, and the location was pretty convenient to the theater on Samford’s campus. After we got back, Sophia and I watched Eloise at Christmastime before going to sleep. 


On Sunday we went to Continental Bakery to grab a light breakfast and coffee before going on a walk. I showed Sophia some of my favorite houses in Birmingham and drove her around some areas she had not yet seen. We went to an early lunch at Real and Rosemary before she had to get on the road after lunch. I hung out at our house and wrapped some Christmas presents in the afternoon before running errands at The Summit with a friend. Afterward, I watched the first episode of Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House before making dinner and watching Elf with my roommate.  


I hope that y’all had a good week and weekend as well! 

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