Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Step Into My Week

How ironic is it that the last post I had go live was about how to balance it all and I missed two posts between it? Oops. The holiday season is usually hectic and filled with lots of juggling, and I don’t feel like I’m doing the best job of balancing things currently. I talked about this a little on Instagram, but recently it has been a little bit trickier for me to keep up with posting on social media and writing blog posts since I am getting to do similar things for my job. One of my goals for this month is going to be getting better about planning ahead so that everything is easier to balance. We shall see! 

As for this past week, it flew by! Monday morning I was surprised that I wasn’t more sluggish coming off of a holiday weekend but with a busy schedule, I guess I didn’t have time to be. The day was filled with a photo shoot for our March/April issue, a 2 hour afternoon training (if I hadn’t have had a second cup of coffee I probably would have fallen asleep), and lots of catching up on social media comments after being out of the office for half of a week. I went to the gym after work and came home to shower before my roommate, and I went to Nell and her roommates’ apartment to watch a Christmas movie. Since our friends in PA school rarely want to do things on weeknights (something about studying being more important…lame) we jumped at the invite. We watched the movie, A Holiday Arrangement, which was a corny Lifetime Christmas movie. Predictable to say the least but it was fun to kick off the holiday season with friends.

Tuesday I spent the better half of my morning wrapping presents for a Christmas photoshoot happening this week. I think I wrapped a total of 30 boxes so when it comes to actually wrap presents I’ve purchased I know that I’ll be a pro. In the afternoon I had a meeting with a PR team in the office and spent the rest of my day doing lots of work on my computer. Wednesday I finished tying bows on the gifts I wrapped, worked on planning out social content, and made returns for some of the stylists. After work, I went to the Y before heading home to shower and watch TV before going to sleep. 

Thursday was a pretty normal day in the office with lots of behind the scenes computer work and helping stylists prepare for their upcoming shoots. After work, I went downtown for drinks at The Atomic and then dinner at a really great sushi restaurant called Bamboo. If you happen to be in the Birmingham area and want good sushi, I’d give this two thumbs up especially if you can grab a seat at the sushi bar in the back where you can watch your meal being made. After drinks and dinner, I came back to my house and went straight to bed. 

Friday was especially busy since I was on set setting up for the cover of our Christmas 2019 issue. We were able to set up a tree, decorate it, and decorate the mantel in right around 3 hours which shocked me. I was sad that I couldn’t take the gorgeous set up home with me since I knew our tree would not look nearly as nice. After getting the shoot set up, I went to Saks to cover an event with one of our advertisers on social media. It was so fun getting to see them again and be in a store completely decked out for the holiday season. After that event, I met a friend for lunch at Real & Rosemary before heading home. A friend from college was in town for the weekend, so it was fun to see her. Since the weather was kind of gross, Nell came over for dinner and to watch her brother’s high school football game while I decorated the tree and house for Christmas. Afterward, we met up with some friends at The Atomic downtown for drinks and to catch up since most of us hadn’t seen each other since before Thanksgiving.


Saturday morning it was pouring making brunch at our friends’ apartment the perfect plan. We had a whole spread from breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls to yogurt and chicken minis. I am pretty sure everyone ended up going home and getting back in bed before we met up that afternoon at the Tin Roof to watch the Alabama-Georgia game. It was fun to watch the game surrounded by so many Alabama fans (definitely didn’t have that when I was in South Carolina) but boy was that game a nail-biter. At halftime, we walked over to Moe’s and watched the rest of the game there. The porch was packed which made for an especially exciting end of the game when Alabama finally showed up. After the game, we went home and watched a Christmas movie before heading to bed. 

Sunday morning, I woke up extra excited since Nell and I were taking a Winter macaron making class at Sur La Table. The class lasted until around 11:30 and I felt like I learned so much. Macarons can definitely be a tricky treat to make, and I am excited to try making them on my own (following the recipes we were given) when I have a bit more time closer to Christmas. After the class, Nell and I went to Trader Joes before I dropped her off at her apartment and went home. I went for a long run that afternoon and once I was home realized that I wasn’t feeling 100%. I definitely think I’m coming down with a cold since my eyes feel heavy and my throat feels scratchy which contributed to my lazy afternoon drinking tea and going to bed before 8:30. 


Hopefully, I’ll be back to feeling myself fully soon, but even with that, it’s crazy to think how much I was able to pack into last week. I’m sure this week will be similar, and I’ll be sure to update y’all on it next week. 

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