Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Step Into My Week

Boy do I have some updates for y'all! I am so hoping to have posts up the rest of this week since I think life is slowing down just a bit this week as compared to last week. From wedding dresses to graduating to moving and finding a house I'm not entirely sure I have processed it all.

The week started out pretty laid back since we had finally finished our grad school classes. I knew that the sooner I started packing, the better, so that was my goal for most of the week. I decided to go to Furman's library for a bit to get some work done before finally beginning to tackle my room. I've already started to block out my memories from boxing everything up and am now looking forward to when I can finally unpack everything and keep it situated in its new home. Monday night was the finale of the Bachelorette (which I don't actually keep up with), so a bunch of our friends decided to have a potluck before watching the finale. I am definitely going to miss these girls and gathering together for random things like this.

Tuesday morning I went to a local coffee shop to create a portfolio and attempt to work on blog posts. That afternoon and the rest of the week, for the most part, was more of the same. Wednesday night I went to dinner with one of my friends to a restaurant called Husk. It was such a delicious meal, and I was glad to have tried this new to Greenville restaurant before moving. Thursday night some friends and I went to get dinner before I finished moving all of my stuff into the living room to be put into the moving truck the following morning.


Friday was an incredibly busy day. I woke up early to go pick up my Uhaul and drove it to my apartment to wait for the movers I had hired to help load everything up. Then Ellison and I quickly got pictures for two blog collaborations coming up all before the movers were supposed to arrive. They ended up having to come later than anticipated which wasn't ideal but fortunately my parents were able to come and help supervise everything while I went to Sophia's appointment to try on wedding dresses. She ended up finding a dress, and it is so perfectly her and embodies her wedding venue and design so well.


My parents and I went to lunch at Grill Marks once I got back, and the movers had finished. We hung out for a bit after that at their hotel and then I went back to my apartment to clean before we had dinner plans. Cleaning didn't exactly happen since instead my new roommate, and I ended up finally finding a house in Birmingham! I haven't talked about this yet on the blog, so I am so excited to finally share part of what is next for me with y'all.

I had texted one of my friends in my pledge class (Rebecca) about whether or not she knew of anyone looking for a roommate in Birmingham since that is where she is from and that is where I was planning to move. After talking a bit, she reached back out a week later saying she knew of someone. She had just been offered a job in Birmingham and was planning to move around the same time as me. So with a roommate set, we began talking about where we wanted to live. We both wanted to find a house in a good area and probably individually each spent upwards of ten hours the past week looking at rental homes. Her mom served as our house hunter and checked out a number of houses for us and ultimately found the one we got. Friday night she called me saying that her mom may have found us the perfect place. It hadn't been listed on Zillow or Trulia or any of the other sites that we had become accustomed to stalking so she sent the address, and I attempted to find it online. The landlord sent us a video, and we quickly told Rebecca's mom not to leave without telling him we wanted it. The lease was signed, the deposit was made, and the house became ours all within an hour-long span. I was so excited that another piece of the puzzle had been figured out! The house is so cute and spacious. Although we don't officially start living there until September, I am already so excited about decorating the space.

 I waited until my parents got to my apartment before dinner to tell them the exciting news. After showing them the video and pictures of the house, we went to Sidewall, my favorite pizza place in Greenville. Afterward, it was back to my apartment where I slept in an empty room on an air mattress.

Saturday morning we loaded my car with things that were headed home with me since I'll be in Fairhope for a few weeks before moving to Birmingham in September. After doing that we decided to walk around the farmer's market downtown. We ran into 2 of my best friends from freshman year and their families making it our own little reunion. The only person from our group missing was Nell and her parents! My parents and I went to a newish restaurant, The Tipsy Taco, for lunch before getting ready for graduation which was the whole reason they were in town!

Graduation was at four on Saturday and was surprisingly quick. It lasted under an hour which was awesome, and now I officially have a master's degree in education. We were sure to get lots of pictures after the ceremony before we all went our separate ways for dinner.

My family had a bit of time before our dinner reservation, so I took my parents to Pour, a bar/brewery, next to the restaurant. My dad quickly spotted the pinball machine and decided to play while we killed some time. We ate dinner at Hall's which was delicious as always. After I went back to my apartment briefly, my friends and I met up at Up On The Roof for our last night together before Ellison, and I both moved the following day.

The next morning it was off to Birmingham to store all of my stuff. Luckily, our landlord let me move my stuff directly into the living room of the house instead of storing it in a storage unit and having to move it twice. It took about an hour and a half but somehow we got everything in there without passing out in the heat.

Once we finished up the second move of the weekend, my parents and I grabbed lunch before they left town. I stayed with a friend that night so that I could be in town for a meeting the next morning. We went to dinner at a delicious restaurant called Avo in downtown Mountain Brook before hanging out at her cute house!

I'll be bringing back the "lately" section of step into my week posts next week once I attempt to get back in a routine. I hope that y'all had a wonderful week and weekend! 

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