Monday, August 20, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday! I am so excited to be back into a semi-routine when it comes to blog posts. It is my goal to get ahead with some content writing this week so that after Labor Day I have a bit of time to adjust to my new house and city without neglecting y'all!

As for this week, it was eventful and uneventful all at once. I drove home from Birmingham on Monday after an interview I had that morning. When I got home, our puppy, Scout, was so shocked to see me. I think if her tail were wagging any faster it might have come off. Most of the week was spent unpacking, catching up on behind the scenes blog things, and playing with Scout at home. 

On Thursday, I went to Mobile and got lunch with Nell. We went to Virginia's Health Food Store if you're familiar with Mobile and then decided to walk somewhere for an afternoon treat. It started raining during our walk which made sitting down with a snack a nice break. Nell starts PA school soon, but luckily we are both starting our next chapter in the same city, Birmingham. 

On Friday I was nervous most of the morning since that was the day I was set to find out about the interview I had on Monday. That interview was the third one I had had with the company, and in my mind, it went really well, so I was eager to hear their thoughts. I ended up getting the call right as I was heading to lunch with my grandmother which wasn't the best timing but fortunately I got the job!! I'll be working as an Editorial Assistant for one of Hoffman Media Group's publications and am so excited to start my job learning about the magazine industry in a hands-on way. My grandmother and I celebrated at lunch at Sunset Pointe before I came home to talk on the phone with their HR administrator. That night, my parents celebrated with me over dinner and champagne, and they even brought flowers home as congratulations. 

I'm not positive as to when I'll start, but I am so excited for this position to have worked out and to feel like for the most part all of my ducks are in a row when it comes to moving to Birmingham. 


Reading: ---
I really haven't been reading anything lately. With moving, job applications, interviews, and trying to take a tiny bit of time to relax, reading hasn't been a priority. I think the book that I've been trying to get through for the past week is in part due to that. I brought Sophia's copy of Something in the Water home with me as a commitment to reading it and keep putting it down since it isn't enticing me. I think my goal this week is going to be finishing it since I did bring home a number of books that I am super excited to read. Maybe next week I will finally have a new read for y'all.

Watching: Southern Charm
Unfortunately, Ellison and I did not finish the series before moving out of our apartment. So, with the time I've had now, I am committed to finishing it. I just finished up the fourth season and am so excited to start the fifth season (which is the most up to date one). 

Loving: Being at Home
It has been so nice being home this past week refreshing before my next adventure. Home cooked meals, hanging out with our puppy, Scout, sleeping, and seeing friends has been a real treat. While I am excited for what is next, I am trying to soak up the time I have here. 

Wearing: Lake Pajamas
I finally treated myself to my end of the school year present I promised myself back in March. Since Lake was out of the color combo I really wanted at the end of the school year I opted to hold out until they came back. I am so glad I did since the color scheme I ended up with is very me. Unfortunately, now I think I am hooked on these PJs. I foresee my collection growing over time. 

Wanting: These Tuckernuck Fall Finds (one, two, and three)
Tuckernuck can do NO wrong in my eyes. I love so many of their pieces and find that the pieces I do own from there are staple items in my closet that I reach for constantly. While I don't plan to currently purchase these pieces, I know that they would be perfect as transition pieces into fall. 

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