Thursday, August 16, 2018

Essentials To STok Up On For Back To School

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Every year around August one thing begins to control store aisle displays, my thoughts, and conversation. Going back to school is pretty much impossible to ignore. Everything seems to revolve around the supplies you need to stock up on to be successful. As if juggling course loads, extracurriculars, and a social life wasn't enough, now you have to worry about getting textbooks, school supplies, and even materials to outfit your dorm. I need a notepad to write down that to do list and a big cup of coffee just thinking about trying to get it all done!

Fortunately for all of us, stocking up for back to school doesn't have to be overwhelming and can instead be pretty enjoyable thanks to my new favorite cold brew coffee by SToK and being able to pick it up along with my other back to school essentials at Target! One stop shopping really does make it so much easier. I've decided to share my stress-free back to school shopping categories with y'all in hopes of making getting the essentials a bit easier!


I'm sure that it comes as no surprise that coffee is my first essential for back to school, but hear me out. SToK Cold Brew coffee is delicious and the easiest way to kick-start your morning or give you some added energy in the afternoon. College is when I became more coffee dependent and having this at your fingertips will allow SToK to quickly become your sidekick.

Better yet, don't wait until you're back at school to give it a try and instead pick up one of SToK's cold brew flavors before back to school shopping to make the entire experience a bit more enjoyable. Located in the refrigerator section of Target, it'll be easy to grab on your way to grab your other essentials!

School Supplies

We all know that the whole reason we go to school is to learn and get an education. The activities and fun you have with friends are really just an added bonus. To show some prioritization, it's important to walk into class your first day prepared. For me, in college, that meant getting a different color notebook and matching folder for each of my classes. This made it easier for me to know where to put notes and handouts for each of my courses without having to stress over an unorganized mess come finals. If you're really looking to keep everything in one place, a binder to clip those folders in is a great choice!

Making sure you have pens and highlighters that still have ink is also a must. I got to the point in college where I only used a specific black pen while taking notes so that everything seemed more streamlined when it came time to hunker down and study in the library. If you need organization to focus, I can't recommend this enough. But, don't forget to pick up some fun colored pens for your planner and some sticky notes to leave on textbook pages and your friends' doors!

Comfy Bedding

With college comes some freedom. Mom and dad aren't there to make sure you're up each morning or warn you of the danger of taking a snack and eating it on top of your white bedding. For many, this leads to more time to lounge around making your bed an ideal place to unwind. Since that's the case, you may as well make sure it is comfortable! Start with the basics when you're setting up your bed. You'll need a mattress topper, mattress pad, sheets, and some sort of duvet, quilt, or coverlet. Once you have those picked out you're well on your way.

Next comes the fun part, accessorizing. One of the best bed accessories I purchased was a body pillow. Not only did it make the bed in my dorm room feel like additional seating in our small space but it also separated me from the bleak cinder block walls that so many dorm rooms are confined by. Choosing a cute colored pillow or grabbing one of the additional body pillowcases at Target makes your space that much more inviting. Before you leave the store, consider a couple of other cute pillows and a blanket to brighten up your bed even more.

Hopefully, these tips make SToKing up on the essentials stress-free and get you excited for back to school. And be sure to save 20% on select SToK Cold Brew Coffee 8/5 - 9/8 on Cartwheel!

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