Monday, June 4, 2018

Step Into My Week

It’s the last week of school! If you were ever curious as to what high energy craziness and excitement looks like then feel free to take a visit to my classroom. My students are counting down the days and so am I. Two and a half days left makes this week the epitome of the home stretch. Wednesday is the students’ last day and Friday is when teachers officially finish their work days!

This past week was a good one with lots of loose ends being tied up. From projects to awards day to starting the process of packing up my classroom it has been a bit of a whirlwind. Fortunately, the week started off slow with me taking my last (of 2) personal days before things got too crazy. It was nice to have Tuesday to regroup after being out of town last weekend. I used the day to prepare for a co-workers baby shower on Wednesday, stock up on groceries, and attempt to tackle some work. We had a ton of rain that day which kind of messed up my plans after I got home from the grocery store and there wasn’t power. It came back in the afternoon which allowed me to get some laundry done and properly prepare for the short week ahead.

Wednesday was the most normal of any work days last week since there weren’t interruptions with assemblies or end of the year activities. That afternoon we had a baby shower for another teacher of the fourth-grade team which was really fun. She’s having a girl so there was lots of pink and cake to celebrate. Thursday we had awards day in the morning which left many of my students checking out directly after. It was nice to have a smaller group and it allowed me to start thinking of how to pack up my classroom. I stayed at school later than usual that afternoon since I was on a roll organizing everything. Friday was a bit off schedule as well since the students had a party in the afternoon, a visitor in the morning, and they spent time cleaning out their desks and turning in their chromebooks. It felt good to start some of the end of the year procedures early so that we can better enjoy our last few days together!

This weekend was pretty laid back but fun at the same time. Sophia and I went to dinner at Up On The Roof on Friday night to catch up and do something a bit different. If you’re in Greenville and want a good meal and drinks with an even better view I would certainly recommend it. Their lettuce wraps are my favorite. We came back to my apartment afterward and watched a couple of episodes of Queer Eye on Netflix. Sophia and Ellison have been hounding me to watch it for the past month or so and I did enjoy the episodes we watched! I went to bed at a normal time and slept in a bit on Saturday which felt so nice.


Saturday morning, Ellison and I had a shoot with my friend Sarah for an upcoming blog post. The photos turned out awesome and I can not wait to share the whole thing with y’all. After that I went to Sidewall with friends before sitting by the pool to read. After we left the pool I showered and watched Riverdale for a while before heading to a cookout at another friends’ apartment. We stayed there until about 9:00 before calling it a night.

Sunday morning, I got up and went to get some work done at Starbucks before heading to lunch at Caviar and Bananas. Once I got back, my roommate Ellison and I went to the pool for a while before getting ready to go to a Greenville Drive game that afternoon. The baseball game was titled “Bark in the Park” which meant there were cute dogs in the stadium. The company that one of our friends works for had a box at the game so he invited us to join there for the game. Even with the shade and air conditioning in the box it was still hot at the game but it was a lot of fun. Not doing work on a Sunday afternoon made summer feel even closer! I ended the weekend getting dinner and doing laundry before calling it quits for the night.

Since my lately section hasn't really changed since last week, I am leaving it out of today's post. It will be back next week for you!

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