Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Shopping

Happy Sunday! I hope that y’all have been having a great weekend and are doing something fun today. I’ll be working on getting ahead with posts for y’all while also completing some reading for class by the pool. I’m hoping it will be equal parts relaxing and productive since it is always easier to start the week when you have been able to get ahead over the weekend.

Today, I wanted to share some cute (and affordable) summer clothing finds I discovered this week. Last week I shared some picks while sitting in the airport waiting for my flight and though it would be fun to keep this up periodically throughout the summer. I suspect these will start going live on Saturdays (instead of Sunday like today’s) for any of you browsing for some cute new pieces over your weekend. I love summer clothing (which would explain why most of my clothes work best for this season) and am constantly finding cute new pieces that I want to share with y’all. I think this will be the perfect way to do that. To shop the pieces all you need to do is hover your mouse on top of the item you're interested in and then click! 

Today’s finds would be the perfect items to pack for a beach trip. It is taking all the self-control I have not to order that piñata float to lounge on. I am thinking everyone at our apartment pool would be less than impressed if I was taking up a bunch of room floating around on that all summer long. I also don’t think I’d hear the end of it from my family if I took this to the beach with us. I suppose time will tell whether or not I can continue to resist its cuteness. On the flip side, I did order two different colors of the adorable striped t-shirtdress shown. I snagged blue and grey and know that they will be the perfect thing to throw on for class or errands to look together while avoiding the heat. All of the pieces deserve to be talked about but since pictures speak for themselves I’m only going to gush over one other item from this week’s finds and that would have to be the tan bow flatform wedges. At under $35 they seem like a no brainer. How cute would these look with one of the longer dresses featured or your favorite white jeans?

I’d love to know which piece you would purchase first and if there is any specific type of item you’re shopping for that I can keep my eyes peeled for to potentially share with y’all in next week’s roundup!

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