Friday, June 22, 2018

May Favorites (Almost A Month Late)

Remember last month when I shared my favorites half a month later than I should have? Well, that’s happening again. I really am going to do my best to share my June favorites much closer to the beginning of July but waiting until then would mean I had far too many items to talk about which would leave me not fully giving each product the credit it deserves. June has flown by which isn’t the same take I had during the month of May. May was relatively hectic and a bit overwhelming with the end of the school year, but I was able to test out a number of great new products as a way of coping.

I have been on a bit of a beauty kick recently trying out a number of new products. You’ll see that this past month’s favorites are pretty beauty heavy since fortunately, I loved many of those items!

If you decide to purchase any of my product recommendations from the past month let it be this Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow moisturizer. I am absolutely convinced that this product is magic. I waited nearly a year after hearing about it to finally pull the trigger and have no idea why I deprived myself for so long. I’ve had my container of this since April and still have well over half of the product left as we approach the end of June. What is so cool about this product is that when you squeeze it out of the tube it is white but as you rub it in (I only apply this to my face and neck) the shade adapts to your skin tone to give you exactly what it advertises, a healthy glow! When my skin is clear, this and the powder listed below are all I need to head out the door but the product is also great to layer under foundation if you’re looking for more coverage. I’ve never known what to use on my face when I decide to use self tanner on my body (see my recommendation for that below a well), but this product has been my answer. If I could change one thing to the product I’d add in some SPF to it but even without that this product gets a 10/10 from me and is worth every penny.

Have y’all ever heard the phrase “if you can’t tone it, tan it?” Well, I think it goes to show that everyone feels a little bit more confident when they have a little bit of color. My fear with self tanner is that it is going to come out streaky or orange which is why I hesitated to use it for a while. Then I discovered how great St. Tropez is. This foaming self tanner is the perfect product to avoid any orangeness since it has an olive base and is applied with a mitt which helps to eliminate any streaks. I am sure I am not the first person you have heard talk about this product and I surely won’t be the last since it gives a natural, even color without being sticky. I just finished my first bottle and purchased a second one after deciding that I’m not willing to risk trying a different self tanner and having it go horribly wrong. If you are getting this product, definitely get the mitt that goes with it as it is the easiest way to avoid your hands ending up with too much product.

A few months ago, I discovered just how great translucent powder is which led me to search for a similar product when it comes to the results but that also had a bit of color since I didn’t want to apply a loose powder and then a translucent powder. My hunt led me to the RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder. It has light coverage and doesn’t feel heavy like a powder at all which is why I love it. I apply it with my Beautycounter Powder Brush to ensure that my skin looks even and that my makeup will stay in place.

I love any of Alterna’s hair care products, but after hearing about the Caviar 10 in 1 Complete Correction leave in product I decided I wanted to try it. Fortunately, I was able to use points for this item and my hair has never felt softer. I am due for a haircut but the earliest appointment is in July so this will continue to be my saving grace until I get that trim.

With beach trips and pool days in full swing protecting my skin is a priority. I LOVE Beautycounter’s sunscreen and have been bringing the body stick with me every time I plan to be in the sun. Beautycounter recently redid their sunscreens which I haven’t yet tried since I still have some of mine left, but if it’s anything like any of their other products or past sunscreen I have no doubt that it is amazing. It’s also nice to know that I am protecting my body not only from the sun, but also from harmful chemicals that can be found in other sunscreens!

Flatform wedges/sandals are a recent trend that I’m 100% behind. When getting ready to go somewhere I feel like someone always asks sandals or wedges in a group text and flatforms seem like the easiest solution. I had been eyeing the Chloe scalloped flatforms any time I was on Nordstrom’s site but was appalled by the price. On a hunt to find something similar, I landed on this pair from the Red Dress Boutique for under $30. The color matches everything, the scallops are subtle but noticeable, and the double wrap straps make them nearly identical to the pricy Chloe pair. My only recommendation would be to size at least a half size down if you plan to order them as I found them to run a bit roomy.

Before Memorial Day Weekend I was on the hunt for a cute new bathing suit top for the summer. After searching high and low (and ultimately making this post for y’all) I discovered this adorable blue smocked bandeau top. While it was more than I like to spend on swimwear I decided to give it a try anyway and I am so glad I did. It is so cute on and fits really well. Every time I head to the pool find that this is the top I reach for and I know that will continue the rest of the summer.

Another item that was a bit of a splurge but one that I had been saving for was a Mi Golondrina Top. I have been wanting one of these brightly colored embroidered top for years and finally purchased one this spring. Needless to say, I have been wearing it constantly. White jeans, yep. Jean shorts, yep. Blue jeans, yep. It’s the perfect statement and is a piece I’ll gladly reach for for many years to come. For reference, I got the Arroyo Vibrante style in a size small. If you’re not looking to spend as much I found a similar option here and here.

Let’s face it, you’re not always looking to wear makeup and look put together in the summer which is why a baseball hat is crucial. I had been looking for a new white one since mine was looking a little dingy and came across this needlepoint one which is a Tuckernuck exclusive with Smather’s and Branson. I’ve loved needlepoint hats for a while but could never decide on a design until I saw this one. The colors are so cute and I like that it is a little different than most of the other ones offered!

So there you have it, so many new product recommendations based on what I loved during the month of May! I’d be interested to hear if y’all have any favorites from the past month worth sharing and if you’d like to see future favorites in video form? Let me know in the comments, and happy Friday!

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