Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Favorites

Despite being a short month I feel like I did a lot in February. From cold weather to heading home for a long weekend to completing big projects there was a lot going on. That is pretty typical of life in the spring it seems although without the warm weather it's harder to feel encouraged when there is a lot going on. 

I'm excited for March although with no breaks in it or exciting weekend excursions planned I have a feeling it may feel long as well. Especially since I'll be counting down to Spring Break beginning on that final Friday. Hopefully with warmer weather I'll have tons of new favorites next month as well. 

I was able to do a decent bit of reading this month, and 52 Cups of Coffee was one of the books I happened to finish. If you've been reading the "currently" section of my Step Into My Week posts then you already know that I read this at night. It was written by a college senior who challenged herself to have a cup of coffee with someone new each week for a year (hence the 52 cups). There is a lesson she learns from each of these coffee dates, and the inspiration is particularly aplicable to college students and recent college grades. I liked that you could easily pick this book up without necessarily having to connect it to the previous story. A perfect bed time read if you ask me. 

The second book I was able to read this month was less inspirational and more for pleasure. As many of you know, I love psychological thrillers. One of my students gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas so I told myself since it was a gift I'd use it for a book that I want to read for fun. This book did not disappoint. It was one of the most twisted psychological thrillers I've read as the situation in the story seems unlikely but the author does a terrific job of convincing its reality. I read about 130 pages in one sitting on my flight, and I was eager to finish it once I got home. The ending was really surprising as well. If you're into this genre then definitely give this novel a try. It would be a great vacation read. 

With the colder weather we have been having, my skin has been in need of a little extra hydration. I love Beauty Counter's Countermatch Lotion (I am currently on my second tube of it), but discovering this thicker version for sleeping has left my skin so much softer than before. Both the regular lotion and the sleep cream adapt to your skin's needs and make a visible difference in the way your skin looks but also changes how it feels. I can't recommend this enough for anyone else whose skin needs a bit more hydration!

Slip on Shoes
I live in easy to throw on, comfortable shoes. Especially with flying home, slip on shoes were an airport must. I also wear these shoes to teach pretty much every day while also wearing them out and about to run errands on the weekends. 

grey // tan  

With a lot of research to complete for an annotated bibliography for the research graduate class I am in, I used highlighters a lot this month. I had one of these at my desk at school and found that when I'd come home and work on highlighting the articles I was reading I missed how nice the Sharpie ones were to use. What is really cool about these highlighters is that there is a clear portion of the tip that allows you to see exactly what you're highlighting as you're going over it. 

I LOVE pajamas and I LOVE Evelyn Henson's art so this is a natural combination. When I saw that Evelyn had teamed up with Toss Designs to release more styles of pajamas I knew I had to jump on that quick. Her first pair that I got before Christmas sold out so quickly. Fortunately, when releasing these llama boxer shorts, she also released a few other prints and styles so they are still available! 

Embarrassingly, my new favorite form of social media. 

I had seen someone talking about this product on Instagram Stories back in January and after looking it up I decided to give it a try. I really love Beautycounter's face oils, but they can be kind of pricey. This large bottle was only $13, and it has done a great job of hydrating my hair. It can also be used on your hair as well although I haven't given that a try just yet. 

Light pink is my go-to year round when it comes to nail polish. Since I usually use Essie's Fiji, I found this pale pink a couple of months ago and deemed it to be the perfect winter alternative. Don't get me wrong, Fiji still works great in the winter, but this color is a little bit more dusty. I've found myself putting this on my nails just about every other time I paint them!

If you'd like to see me talk about my favorites in a video, I've included that below! 

I'd love to hear what you've been loving this month as well. Let me know in the comments!


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