Monday, March 5, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy March y’all! Somehow, I missed saying that right when March began, so here we are. February felt kind of long and I’m excited it’s over since it has never been my favorite. I am holding out hope for a warm March that goes by quickly since I am already counting down to Spring Break (4 weeks in case you’re curious).

This week didn’t really hold anything too exciting, but honestly, I feel like that is how every week is. Props to y’all for choosing to read about it anyway! For the most part, the school week was relatively normal. I am still dealing with some of the same challenges with my students, but we’ve had different activities each week that I am sure are not helping.

Monday afternoon/night was spent in class before coming back to my apartment and getting ready for bed. I’ve been attempting to go to bed earlier although I haven’t been the best at it. Wednesday night I tried a new recipe that I’ll have to share soon in a Meal Prep In My Step post since it is so easy. Thursday after school I went to Sophia’s apartment to work on grading together. Friday, I was especially exhausted after a long day and I went to Starbucks to grade my students’ writing pieces. Writing always takes me a while to grade so I tried to make it more fun with iced coffee outside in the sun. That night I went to dinner with another Furman grad who is the year above me and works at my school. We have been meaning to catch up for forever and chose a Mexican restaurant close to our apartment complex that night. I came back, got in pajamas, and fell asleep well before 10:00.

top // jeans // shoes // watch

top // pants // rain boots 

Saturday morning I attempted to sleep in but with an early bedtime on Friday night I was up at 7:30 ready to go. I got some work and chores done in my apartment before meeting Sophia at the Village Grind to work on one of our projects for grad school. We ended up staying through lunch and grabbed a burger at the restaurant, Golden, Brown, and Delicious, next door. I came back to my apartment and changed before going on a five mile walk with my friends Chandler and Porter. We made a big loop from our apartment to downtown to enjoy the weather. With some down time before dinner I showered and watched some TV before meeting my friends at a sushi restaurant downtown. Afterwards, we went to SIP, a rooftop wine bar, where we all got a glass of wine and ordered s’mores. We sat there for about two hours enjoying the cozy couches outdoors and heaters before calling it a night relatively early.

Sunday was spent getting ready for the week, but I also allowed myself some time to do things that I wanted to do. I cleaned in the morning before heading to Starbucks to get work done. Then I went to church with some friends before getting brunch downtown at Caviar and Bananas. I even got to meet the sweetest follower there. My friends love it when I meet readers and always like to document it for our friends. If you ever see me out and about please never hesitate to come say hey! After lunch, I went on about a six mile walk while catching up with my brother, Nell, and my parents on the phone. I did some more work after showering before going to the grocery store and making dinner. Ellison and I watched tv before finally going to bed to kick off the week.



I don’t know if I can fully say that I am reading this right now since I am only about 7 pages in. I’ve been so tired by the time I’ve gotten in bed that I fall asleep after about a page. I am really looking forward to reading this book though since I’ve heard such good things.

Watching: Friends
When I was at Sophia’s apartment on Thursday we had Friends on in the background. I’ve watched the entire series before, but decided it would be fun to have it on in the background while I work. I forget how much I love Friends and couldn’t recommend re-watching it or watching it for the first time if you haven’t already.

Loving: New Friends
It has been so much fun to be making new friends here in Greenville. While I love my teacher/grad school friends, expanding our group of girls has made outings so much more fun.
I ordered these earrings on a whim when they were on sale and an additional 30% off and have been loving them. I’ve worn them three times in the past week with a variety of different tops. They have been such an easy addition to the sweaters and tops I’ve been wearing all winter long.

I’ve been wanting to try this moisturizer/foundation ever since last summer and now that spring and summer are approaching this product has been back on my radar. If y’all have tried it I’d love to hear if it lives up to the hype.

Quoting: "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it." - Seneca

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I hope that y'all have an awesome Monday! 

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