Monday, March 12, 2018

Step Into My Week

Anyone else struggle this morning? While I am excited about the prospect of more sunlight, an hour of sleep gone is not my thing. I'm used to waking up when it's dark and going to work when it's dark but taking away an hour of sleep is no fair. I'm hoping that we can all adjust quickly this morning and enjoy a bit more daylight tonight. 

This week will be a busy one with class on Monday and Tuesday and two meetings on Wednesday. Fortunately, I have some fun plans for Thursday night that I am already excited about. You'll have to read next Monday to find out what I'm up to. 

I was surprised by how quickly this week went by. I'd take another week like that as I count down the three weeks left until spring break. My guess is that the students will be relatively normal this week and next, but that last week before spring break will be survival mode as their excitement runs wild. 

This week was Read Across America Week so we had some themed dress up days throughout the week. I forgot to take a picture of my outfit from Friday but did remember the other days. I was a bit partial to Monday though since we got to wear jeans and were instructed to wear any sort of shirt that had writing on it. I opted for my favorite Fairhope sweatshirt and I don't think I've ever been more comfortable in work clothes (aside from the one day before Christmas when we had a pajama day). 

sweatshirt (boutique in my hometown) // jeans // shoes

dress (old) // rain boots

dress (old) // boots

This weekend was pretty uneventful as well. Friday afternoon I went to Starbucks to do some work before going to Sidewall, my favorite pizza place near our apartment, with friends. We ended up staying at the restaurant for awhile before leaving. After, I went to Trader Joe's and got my groceries for the week. While even my parents told me that my Friday night was lame, grocery shopping on a Friday night is a great way to avoid the crowds that you'll typically find on the weekends. I came home, started some laundry, put my groceries away, and decided to deep clean our kitchen. Party animal over here. 

Saturday I got up and vacuumed my room and cleaned my bathroom before getting some work done. I had plans to grab lunch with my friend Sarah at Caviar and Bananas and it was really fun to catch up with her! Afterwards, I stayed put to get some grad school work done. Saturday night, my friends and I went to Cantina 76 for dinner before going to a bar for a bit that night. The place was called Local Cue and was surprisingly cool based on where it was located. There were rooms for ping pong, pool, corn hole, video games, darts, and board games all around. We all settled at a table and played Taboo before leaving around 10:00.

Sunday was another rainy day in Greenville. The temperature has been dropping which I was not ready for. I am ready for it to get warm for good although I need to get my spring clothes from home. I did some work and ran errands in the afternoon after spending the morning doing work at Starbucks. When I was at Trader Joe's on Friday night I picked up their Cinnamon Muffin Mix on a whim and made them last night and they were a hit. They'll be a welcome treat in my lunch box this week. 


I can't say I've made much progress when it comes to reading this book this past week. I wasn't the best about having my phone down by ten which in turn led to me not reading very much since I knew that I needed to get some sleep. Hopefully this week I'll be a bit better about that and continue to make a bit of progress. The parts I have read have been very interesting, but I'll be sure to keep y'all updated with my thoughts throughout it! 

Watching: Friends
I think that Friends will be on in the background while I'm working until I make it back through the series. While you may think that could be awhile, I'm moving through it at a swift pace. 

Loving: Jeni's Ice Cream at Publix
If you've never been to a Jeni's ice cream chances are you've heard about them or seen people post pictures of their well designed pints. I've been a couple of times to get ice cream at Jeni's (sadly Greenville doesn't have one) and always gravitate towards their Brown Butter Almond Brittle flavor. I don't know how to explain it other than delightful. Well, when venturing down the ice cream aisle recently I spotted Jeni's ice cream and my favorite flavor right there in the freezer case. Needless to say it quickly ended up in my basket and was then transported to my freezer. It is a bit pricy for a pint of ice cream, but it will be a welcome treat on occasion. 

With some themed dress days at school due to Read Across America week as well as jean's days here and there I find myself reaching for my J.Crew + New Balance Gold and White Sneakers a lot. Overtime I wear them one of my students is sure to comment that they love my shoes (kinda like they always tell me that my hair looks nice on days I've chosen to use dry shampoo instead of washing it...). I'm with them on loving these shoes. They look really cute with a variety of different outfits and are so comfortable. J.Crew has continued to keep these in stock due to the popularity so if you've considered getting them be sure to snag them soon so that you can enjoy them all spring and summer. I definitely do! 

We have been getting so much rain lately that I am looking for any excuse to make those dreary days a little bit brighter. I currently don't have good spring rain jacket since my Barbour with a hood is what I tend to wear so don't be too surprised if you see this in my life soon. I like to think of that purchase as productively thinking ahead toward April Showers. 


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