Tuesday, March 13, 2018

U.S. Travel Bucket List

Lately I have had such an itch to travel. I think with the little bit of warm weather we had a couple of weeks ago combined with the fact that Furman just finished Spring Break it just felt like it was time for a vacation. I certainly wouldn't turn one down this week. Sadly, we still have three more weeks until Spring Break and I don't have any big travel plans. I will be heading to my hometown, Fairhope, Alabama, which is always a welcome location for a little staycation. Although, I've had a number of places within the United States that have been calling me name when it comes to traveling. 

I'm not even sure I could call this a bucket list since I've been to some of these places, but right now these are some of my top travel location picks. I don't know when I'll get to cross some of them off, but it is nice to daydream about adventuring to these places in the meantime. 

Right now Charleston is my top pick travel location. It is only about three and a half hours away, and I am determined to make my way there soon (I've been two other times and it was a blast) It has definitely become a hot spot lately and with good reason. Between the beautiful architecture, bright colors, southern charm, and proximity to the water I certainly can't see any reason why someone wouldn't want to visit. 

Palm Springs
I am sure y'all have all seen photos of the white houses with vibrant doors surrounded with palm trees and swanky hotels. Overtime I see an Instagram of someone visiting Palm Springs it just looks so fun. The nice weather wouldn't be too bad right now either! 

New Orleans
My hometown is only about two and a half hours from New Orleans and it wasn't until my friends and I were talking about traveling that I thought about how I've only done some parts of New Orleans. Between visiting the zoo, aquarium, and children's museum when I was longer and taking some day trips in high school, I would love to go back to New Orleans for a more all encompassing experience. Bring on the beignets. 

Palm Beach
I went to Palm Beach back in middle school or high school (how bad is it that I can't remember which) and had so much fun. My grandmother is from West Palm Beach and took my mom and I on the best girls trip there. We rented a cute cottage, biked around, and explored Worth Avenue. Now that I'm a bit older I would love to go back with a better appreciation for how pretty parts of the city are. 

My brother and I used to travel a lot playing club soccer when we were younger and we once had a soccer tournament in Savannah. About all I can remember from that was eating at Paula Dean's restaurant. Junior and senior year of college though, I went to a formal on Tybee Island and we would drive through Savannah on our way. On those drives I would peer out the window looking at the beautiful southern scenery and now want to make a trip with my friends for a proper visit. Maybe we will make a weekend of that too! 


San Francisco 
With my brother in law school so close to San Francisco, I've only heard great things about how neat this city really is. My parents went to visit him last year for his spring break and I was especially jealous of the time they spent in the city. I'll be heading that way in June for his graduation and so wish that I could explore San Francisco some while I am there. Unfortunately, I'll be jetting back and forth so that I don't miss too much of my summer grad school classes, but I'll be looking for any excuse to head back. 

I'd love to know where all is on your travel bucket list!
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