Monday, January 8, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday. It feels good to have this Step Into My week post going live on Monday with the last couple being posted on Wednesday. Having been on break at the beginning of this week it felt both long and short at the same time. I got back to Greenville Tuesday afternoon and made the commitment to myself to attempt to get my life together by fully unpacking and organizing my room as I went. I was relatively successful with this endeavor before getting groceries and seeing Sophia and catching up on our breaks. 

Leaving home on Tuesday was hard (especially with a sweet new puppy at home), but I came back to the cutest mug with Scout's face on it that I got on Evelyn Henson's site. While it's not identical the resemblance is definitely there. Next time Evelyn looks for more dogs for the collection of dog paintings she already offers for these mugs you can bet her inbox will be full of pictures of Scout. This is the perfect gift for so many people if you forgot someone on your list when shopping. 

As much as I love being at home, coming back to my cute, cozy room in Greenville wasn't the worst thing. It has been so cold here lately that I finally ordered a duvet insert for the cover on the end of my bed from Room 422. I found a down one that seemed like the perfect weight on Amazon for $30 and haven't wanted to get out of my bed since. 

School started back on Wednesday and I could tell for myself and for my students that getting back into the routine of things after a break would take a bit of time. It was really fun to hear all about their breaks and what they received for Christmas. We made New Year Resolutions as a class to hang up in the room, and I was impressed with some of the ones the kids came up with. Waking up around 5:00 every day has been a kicker after sleeping in some over the break, but hopefully that routine will come back to me relatively quickly.

Aside from teaching, the end of this week has held a lot of blogging as well. I mentioned this on my instagram story (@prepinyourstep) but my goal for this past weekend was to have all of the text from my blog posts done. That was so far from the case with the amount of time I've been spending on Thursday's Agenda Organization post. Hopefully this will be helpful for any of you who are doing your best to start off 2018 super organized. The best part of working on this post has been actually getting to start using my Day Designer for this year. 

Friday after school I went straight to Starbucks to continue working on writing posts and then went to a friends house for dinner. After having home cooked meals over the break it was nice to get another little taste of home with a bunch of friends then. Once I got back to my apartment I was exhausted and went straight to bed after putting on pajamas.

Saturday night I was in charge of a surprise engagement party for Sophia and her fiancé, Judson. I spent most of Saturday morning getting everything we needed for that and preparing for the event. I also started watching How To Get Away With Murder while getting ready and I am hooked. Once my roommates and I had gotten ready we left to go set up for the event. We had the party at a Wine Tasting Room in Travelers Rest and the venue turned out even better than expected. I had gotten some decorations and food for everyone to enjoy and we were all so excited for Sophia and Judson to arrive. Judson was the one who had asked me to plan the event so he was able to play it off to Sophia perfectly. Sophia hates surprises but admitted that this surprise was so much fun (phew). 

I'm glad a big group of his friends and hers could get together to celebrate this big moment. Despite us all knowing it would be coming (they've been dating for 7 years) it was so exciting for it to finally be a reality. The stranger who kindly offered to take some pictures of the whole group seemed equally as excited and insisted that we have a shot with Judson down on one knee. 


wearing: white sweater // earrings // jeans // over the knee boots // watch // silver bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar

After we finished up at the engagement party Ellison and I went to another fun party with some Furman friends before going downtown for a bit. We definitely stayed out later than I anticipated but it was good to catch up with friends after being gone over the break. The night ended at everyone's favorite late night snack location, Sullys, which may have been one of the highlights of my night (sorry Soph!). 

Sunday was spent working on blog posts, preparing for the week school wise, and watching a few too many episodes of How To Get Away With Murder. Around 6:00 we received a message that school was canceled for Monday which was extra exciting news! 

I've been wanting to add a new element into Step Into My Week posts for a while now but haven't been committed to what I want that to look like. I know I've said it before but Step Into My Week posts are one of my least favorite to write but surprisingly many of y'alls favorite to read. I think that I find them boring to write since all these posts entail are what I've been up to. With work I have a pretty normal routine and don't really consider myself to be that exciting which is part of the reason it surprises me that y'all like these so much. To make me feel like I am giving you a better look at all that I've been up to I am going to start including a currently component to these posts. What's included under the currently portion may change but it will be a short and sweet synopsis of things that may not be depicted in photos and my week summaries. I would love to hear what other little things you'd like me to include so that I can add those in the future. 


reading: The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. 
My dad does an awesome job of finding books that my brother and I might like for Christmas. This is a book I had heard of and put on my mental "to read" list. Never had I mentioned it to him or my mom so unwrapping this on Christmas morning was awesome. I've been trying to read more since I truly enjoy it and have loved working my way through The Year of Yes

I've been watching this because Shonda Rhimes (see above) wrote this show and I wanted to see what the hype was about. Well, now I know and I can't. stop. watching. I love crime/murder mystery shows  so this is right up my alley. Productivity may not be at its height at the beginning of this year because of this show. 

I am picky about jeans. I used to refuse to wear jeans. Feel free to call me a jean snob. With that knowledge and backstory take my word for how amazing these jeans are. I don't even feel like I'm wearing jeans when I have these on, and I would have no problem wearing these as pajamas and falling asleep. If you buy anything this week then make it these jeans. 

quoting: "Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know." - Pinterest

I'd love for y'all to let me know about your week and what you've been up to this week in the comments. I think Step Into My Week posts would become so much more fun in they involve a conversation from y'all in the comments instead of just seeing the week from my perspective. 

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