Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Today + Tips For Successful Shopping

Anyone looking for a little sunshine on this Wednesday? It's back to school for me today which clearly Lilly Pulitzer must've forgotten to put on their schedule. Since I'll be at school when the sale goes live I'm going to need y'all to do some extra shopping for me. Fortunately, Lilly will be releasing new sale items throughout the duration of their After Party Sale allowing me to shop when I get the chance as well. If you are a long time Lilly lover then you may already know that Lilly Pulitzer only hosts 2 major sales each year, one in January and one in August. Each year I like to share the sale with y'all since I have adored the brand ever since I was little. 

Below I have included some pictures of Lilly pieces I've worn and loved as well as some tips that should help you through the duration of the sale.

When: Wednesday January 3rd - Thursday January 4th
beginning at 8 AM EST





1. Create an account and update your information before the sale starts. 
If you're even considering shopping the sale this is not a suggestion but almost a requirement. Being logged into your account and having updated information before the sale begins will allow you to check out right away hopefully helping you snag more items you're dying to have. If you don't already have an account you can  create one here and you can  log in here.

2. Get to the  site before the sale begins.
I constantly like being early to things and this sale is no different. While the sale doesn't officially begin until 8 am EST getting there early will hopefully help you to be one of the first people in line. 

3. If there's something you love know that items in your cart are not reserved and it could be done if you linger before checking out. 
If you find that one item you hoped would be included in the sale and it's in your size and that's all you wanted don't waste your time seeing what else you can get. GO AHEAD AND CHECK OUT! While it would be nice for items in your cart to be reserved it's likely that Lilly lovers wouldn't leave their computers all day since they'd be scrolling through the sale pages to make sure they don't miss anything. That being said, since there is a virtual line, if you do choose to check out you will then be placed back in the line so you won't be able to continue to browse. It's kind of a catch 22. That's why my browser looks the way it does (as shown below) during the sale. 

4. Once in the virtual line do not refresh your page.
This is just like elementary school in that you can't skip anything and if you get out of line you'll be hanging in the back. Once you've made it into the virtual line definitely don't refresh. I do like opening multiple tabs to shop this sale. Most of the time my browser looks a bit like this:

5. Have favorites in mind and have an idea of your size.
Knowing what you want or if there is a realm in which your closet is lacking will help you to avoid going too overboard during the sale. Additionally, make sure you're buying things in your size unless you love an item enough to go to the trouble of getting it altered. One little hint is to click the sale once you've gained access and narrow down by size. 

6. If the site crashes try shopping from the  Lilly Pulitzer app or head to your local store.
Because of how many people shop this sale it's not uncommon for the site to crash. If that's the case be patient but also consider trying to shop from the Lilly Pulitzer app. It is definitely easier to shop from the website but if all else fails the app is a good option to have.

7. Be Polite
If the site does crash be polite. The Lilly team wants the sale to go as smooth as possible so harassing them with disappointed tweets isn't helpful. It's just a sale and should be fun!

Below you can find some of my current favorite pieces to browse while you wait. I'd love for you to share what you get if you're shopping in the comments! 

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