Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Step Into My Week

I know I said it yesterday but Happy 2018. I have plans to share my goals for the New Year in the coming week but for now I'll touch upon what I've been up to over the past week in the meantime. Since my last Step Into My Week post went live on last Wednesday I don't really feel like much has happened. Most people wouldn't enjoy spending their vacation working, but honestly I'm not the best at relaxing and enjoy getting some free time to think through ideas. That's what a lot of this past week looked like for me.

Most mornings this week started with coffee and play time with our new puppy, Scout. She is so fun to have around, and I am sad to be leaving her and my family this morning. For those of you that may have missed last week's step into my week she is a mini schnoodle that we got the day after Christmas.

After a bit of play time I made it a point to head to one of my favorite coffee shops to get some work done. Most of what I have been working on is super behind the scenes things like evaluating the past year, looking at analytics, and brainstorming. I could definitely use another week of this but am convincing myself that getting back into a routine may not be the worst thing.

During the afternoons, I have been teaching Scout how enjoyable a Harry Potter marathon is. I think Freeform must schedule them around when college students have breaks since it seems to never fail that they are on while I'm at home. 

I've also been able to spend some time catching up with friends from home while in town. With traveling out of town for Christmas and having less time at my actual house (I am the age when I am supposed to refer to it as my parent's house?) we all seem to value being at home with our families a bit more making it important to prioritize and schedule in some friend time. 

I talked about New Year's Eve plans a bit in this post, but they involved falling asleep before midnight. We made delicious homemade pizzas, played scrabble and scattergories, drove all around town in search of dessert and were woken up by fireworks. You win some, you lose some. 


 To feel a bit more energized for the first of the year we kept our tradition of Polar Plunging into the bay alive. This was the coldest year yet that we've done it, and we even had to wait until midday for the temperature outside to "warm" up before hitting the water. I've also never seen the bay this shallow before either making it a belly flop experience. We dunked in and sprinted out of the water.


Last night was spent watching the Alabama Crison Tide come out victorious. It's a lot easier being back in Clemson territory with that Alabama win. I also made sure to get all the puppy snuggles in with Scout before leaving this morning. That is precisely why this post is just now going live, oops! 

I have some fun ideas for Step Into My Week posts in the future (which will go back to being on Monday starting next week). I hope that any of you who have been on break have been soaking it up and getting plenty of rest! 

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