Thursday, January 18, 2018

8 Random Things You Don't Know About Me

When I was at home over Christmas break I constantly had a notebook with me to write down different ideas for blog posts. While my list has grown since that time, finding time to write about each of those ideas will take time. My dad walked in at one point and told me he had come up with an idea for a post. And if you're tracking right I bet you can go ahead and guess that it is this very post. Initially when he suggested this post I wasn't fully committed, but when I looked at when the last time I introduced myself on the blog I realized it has been while. Typically I assume that anyone who clicks over to my site has been here since the beginning even though I know that's not the case. You can't always get the full scoop on someone based on their instagram or about me page (mine needs a serious update, oops). So, hopefully this allows you a fun (read:silly) way to get to know me a bit better! 

1. I can never find the perfect windshield wiper speed preset. 
Whenever I am driving in the rain I have the hardest time of deciding on the speed I want my windshield wipers to go. Most of the time that leaves me controlling them on my own. I had no idea I did this until a friend jokingly pointed out that what I was doing could be done automatically. Now, when riding with other people I pay attention to whether or not they control it on their own or are decisive enough to stick to a preset. I have only ridden with one other person who seemed to prefer controlling the wipers on their own, but I am sure it's not as weird as it sounds, right?

2. I am very sarcastic in real life.
This isn't something that most people assume about me at first glance. I blame my dad and brother for  this since they also embody this trait. Fortunately, my friends are used to this and can assume that at least half of my responses are going to end up being relatively sarcastic. In high school, my senior superlatives were "most organized" and "sassiest" and those witty comebacks have seemed to follow me over the years.  

3. If I put my hair in a middle part I look like Snape.
One summer at camp a group of my friends and I all dressed up as the cast of Harry Potter. Somehow, I ended up being assigned as Snape. In order to get in character I had to part my hair straight down the middle and it became scary how quickly that made me look like him. While our features are very different I am fully convinced that I will never be able to wear my hair in a middle part (nor do I have nay interest in doing so) without having some sort of resemblance of him. 

4. I used to be really good at soccer.
When my dad mentioned this post idea this was one of the things he thought I should include. For those of you who may not have been around the blog during my high school days you may not know that soccer was my thing. My life pretty much revolved around it year round when I was younger and then in high school from December until May. I played on a travel team when I was much younger and started to play with the varsity team for my school in seventh grade. I usually played left mid (despite being right footed) or forward depending on the game. I wish I knew how many goals I scored while playing for my high school since they definitely added up over the years. I racked up a number of awards during my time on the team and even got to play in a few all star games as I got older. By the end of my senior season I was a bit burnt out, but that only lasted until I realized that Furman's soccer season was in the fall and I started to miss it a lot when I went away to school. 

5. I can't swallow pills. 
This little tidbit leaves many people's jaws on the floor. I am in agreement that it is kind of ridiculous that I can't swallow pills and fear not I've heard all of the tricks. I think that people assume they are helping by sharing those things (which I can pretty much guarantee I've already tried), but at this point I think it's all mental. I'm ;ducky in that I've never had to consistently take medicine so in a way I never really had to learn how to swallow pills. I'm hoping eventually someday I'll master this skill but for the time being I am a pro at figuring out how to mask the taste of any medicine I may have to take. 

6. If I'm in the zone I do not like working with others. 
I love being productive but can't always get myself in the zone. When I do finally get to that point I'm warning you now to not distract me (unless you want a sarcastic response to whatever you're trying to ask/tell me). I'd much rather work alone when I'm feeling super productive so that I can eliminate distractions and get what I need to get done accomplished. While that may not be too strange, I also really don't like getting reading with other people around. I can't think of a dance or event where people haven't wanted to get ready together and I always avoid it. I would get ready early enough so that I could show up and enjoy other's company without having to actually get ready with them. Can we tell I can be pretty task oriented? 

7. I can do a really good Gollum voice. 
I don't know why or how I discovered this one but it's the truth. If you haven't seen Lord of the Ring's then you may not know this raspy/creepy voice but I do a great rendition/ It comes out on occasion and I'll agree with you that it's weird but I doubt any of y'all knew this about me! 

8. I am pretty sure I'm tone deaf.
Karaoke? No thank you. I have an awful singing voice and am about 98% sure I'm tone deaf. When I was my sorority's president I would have to start the ritual songs and I hated it so much that I made sure we had a song chair so that no one had to listen painfully to me singing. In the car with my friends I will ask them to turn up the volume of a song just so that I don't have to hear myself singing it. I like to think I'm doing us all a favor at that point because it just isn't pretty. I'm a bit jealous of all of you that have good singing voices because I am lacking in that department. 

I hope that you found this post entertaining, and I'd love for you to share one random thing that other people may not know about you in the comments! 

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