Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Peppy Playlist

Winter is great when you have Christmas to look forward to which unfortunately makes January and February a bit of a bummer. I fully believe that people would be more enthusiastic in the winter if we were able to keep up our decorations until the weather was consistently warmer. Since I feel this way my guess is that I'm not alone in that sentiment. Knowing this, I decided to brainstorm a way to make bracing the cold in the morning a little less disappointing. My solution to this problem was an enthusiastic playlist. 

I've been playing it on the way to work each morning to make sure that I go in with a good mood despite the temperature gauge reading 14 (and I know that would be high for some of y'all). This playlist is filled with loud, slightly obnoxious songs that definitely don't fit the temperature but are so fun to sing to regardless. I will leave a link to the playlist on spotify below or you can pick and choose and add some of these songs to your own playlists. 

Here is the link to the playlist on spotify for you. I'd love for you to tell me your favorite playlists to listen to in the winter! 


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  3. Do you think this playlist could be used for a wedding?


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