Friday, January 26, 2018

Fashionable Fitness Finds

I've missed y'all the past two days. Nothing like a five day work week complete with meetings and grad school classes to whip you back into shape after a little snow vacation. I'm hoping to be back on track now.

It is so funny to me how January is always a month filled with so much motivation. In many ways I am thankful for this mentality since I would rather avoid the cold weather in the Winter. While I wish I could say I've been super great about working out so far this year, that would be a lie. Adjusting back into the routine of teaching mixed with a new weekly class for grad school and the same Tuesday class had me questioning when I'm going to find time to create a consistent workout routine. I suppose time will tell on that one. Even with that uncertainty, I love looking at workout clothes online. As athleisure has continued to remain a trend I constantly find myself finding cute workout clothes that would be just as great for working out as they would be for lounging. Since I am sure many of you have taken on your own fitness goals this month I figured it would be fun to share some of the pieces I've been seeing while browsing the web. It's a good thing I'm not spending any money on anything but food and groceries this month since I would love for any of these pieces to show up in my dresser.

If you have any good workouts that can be done anywhere and don't take too long yet make an impact please send them my way. I've done a few weeks of the BBG workouts before and am thinking about maybe doing these again since they tackle a full body workout in about 30 minutes. With limited time I am open to any ideas!



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