Monday, March 27, 2017

Step Into My Week

It’s the last Monday in March which makes me pretty excited! I am not sure why but personally, March is one of those in between months that I am never overly excited for. Yes, it’s great to have spring break then but aside from that there aren’t any real holidays to look forward to and the semester seems to be in full swing this entire month. For a Monday, I am pretty excited about today because I am going on a field trip with my students. This will be the first field trip I’ve gone on with them and I am sure it will bring plenty of funny stories! It is also my last week of teaching every subject while student teaching which is a pretty big deal. Starting next week I get to start giving subjects back to my cooperating teacher so that we are tag teaming instruction again.

This past week was pretty busy since I was teaching everything, had a number of meetings and after school engagements, and was trying to do normal things like workout and grab meals with friends. We also had our sorority’s spring philanthropy event which was a lot of fun. We hosted a bingo night and dinner and people walked away with some really great prizes. I wish I could’ve played bingo while working the event but it was fun to feel like I was on campus since I got to see lots of friends at the event.

left: dress (similar, same brand) // flats
right: top (similar) // skirt // flats

On Wednesday I had my final formal observation of student teaching which is pretty exciting since now, any other observations will just add to the notes my supervisor already has. The job hunt is in full swing and is stressing most of us out but hopefully it will all workout. If you have any tips for applying to various teaching positions I’d love any and all insight!


left: ruffle hem top // scarf (similar) // pants // flats
right: top // pants // shoes

Over the weekend I worked on a lot of blog stuff (there is so much to get excited about coming in April on Prep In Your Step), lesson planned, and got busy on painting a fraternity cooler for a formal I am going to next weekend. I am not sure who thought painting coolers for fraternity formals was a good idea but it is way more time consuming than it should be. I actually have a post coming up in the next few weeks about how to make it less of a challenge in case any of y’all have a formal coming up. I’m tooting my own horn here but I am so glad that I have been able to keep up with blogging, life as a college student, and student teaching this semester. Last year at this time it killed me not to have posts go live each week day so I’ve been working really hard to plan posts in advance for y’all. I hope that the time I’ve been putting into posts has been evident since I’ve been really excited about what has been going live! I hope that y’all had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a good start.


  1. Best of luck with the application process! Use each interview as a learning experience. Before going to an interview I always did a practice session with some of the questions. If you google teaching interview questions, it will give you sample questions and answers. Be sure to use plenty of examples from student teaching. Differentiation and classroom management are big ideas in education right now, so be sure to have ideas about how you will/or have used these in your classroom. Hang in there, I know it's a stressful time. Best of luck!

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