Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Break Blues


blouse (c/o) // white jeans // shoes // bag // sunglasses (c/o)  // earrings // bracelets (1 & 2) // gold and white bracelets

I have no shame in completely ignoring the groundhog's predictions when it came to 6 more weeks of winter. Being at home in Alabama certainly didn't help that with temperatures in the seventies, sunny skies, and a clear view of the bay so far during spring break. Every time I make the trip back I begin to realize just how lucky I am to live where I live. Although I know that South Carolina will be my home for the next couple of years and has been for the past 4 as well I will never stop considering South Alabama my actual home. I think growing up on the coast has definitely influenced my style. The blues & whites, the summer ready sandals, and breezy fabrics are all things I gravitate towards. 

It should come as no surprise that I was smitten with this blouse the moment I saw it. My favorite color combination, a flow silhouette, and fun sleeves made it seem like a no brainer as I was scrolling through one of my favorite online boutiques. I seem to be talking about them a lot lately and with good reason. The Red Dress Boutique is an affordable online boutique that I've been shopping from since high school and I have no intention to stop checking their new arrivals any time soon. They always have pieces that I didn't even realize my closet was missing and the low prices make them hard to beat. I've also found it nice to have a go-to online boutique to help avoid having the same items as everyone else when we all end up shopping local.

I know that this blouse is one I will be reaching for constantly in the months to come. It will be a cute change in my everyday wear for student teaching and will be equally as cute with white shorts when the weather starts to better match my attitude about winter ending. Blue and white is so timeless that it doesn't take much to make an outfit look put together when that color combination is involved. Paired with a pair of trusty white jeans and my new favorite shoe find (under $30!) this is one of those outfits that you can throw on when you're running late and show up with friends thinking you spent a while in front of your closet trying to figure out an outfit. 

As for these sunglasses I couldn't be more excited about my luck. I've had the same pair of Ray Ban aviators since I was going into 8th grade (it was a rude awakening this summer when I realized that my sunglasses were older than the kids I babysit). It's not that I haven't looked for other pairs to add into the rotation but I have such a small face that finding a pair that doesn't make me look like a bug is pretty tricky. Admittedly, my aviators are actually child size and the most embarrassing part is that no one would ever know that unless I told them because they look normal on me. I saw that Ditto was having a sample sale on their site and ordered this pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters on a whim completely expecting them to be categorized as too large as well. Much to my surprise they fit me normal, a major win in my book! With such great prices I even ordered my mom a new pair of sunglasses for mother's day! While I think the pair I got is sold out there are still so many great pairs for up to half off still on the site

I know that come Sunday it is going to be tough to leave my little piece of paradise here at home but hopefully bringing back lots of spring clothes and knowing that I'll be back for Easter before I know it will make it a little easier! I'm including lots of fun recent favorites from the Red Dress Boutique below in case you're in need of a little spring happy in your own closet (ps every piece is under $70 so they won't break the bank either).

I hope y'all are having such a great week! 


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