Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Graduation Announcements, Stationery, and Gifts with Minted

It was brought to my attention when I got back from Spring Break that we only had 6 more weeks of school before summer. Well now that a week has gone by, we have 5 weeks left and that realization, while exciting, is a little nerve wracking considering Graduation kicks off those summer celebrations. Somehow, spring semester always goes by so quickly and this year that is no different. Since I am graduating college, the free time I do have has been sent enjoying friends company, applying to jobs, and making sure everything is all set so that I have a place to live next year. In my mind, celebrating graduation will come later.

One thing graduates can’t procrastinate on too much is graduation announcements. I feel like everyone has a different take on how they do graduation announcements or even if they choose to do them at all. In high school, my school allowed you to order them with our crest on them to distribute to friends and family. After taking the time to address them, insert senior portraits, and place my name card inside each of them I was pleased with the way they turned out although everyone’s looked about the same. While I am a fan of that classic style I was recently introduced to the variety offered by Minted and would certainly opt to order some from there had I decided to send them out for my college graduation.

row 1: left //right
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After looking at Minted’s selection of announcements and making my way to their extensive stationery selection I couldn’t help but purchase some new stationery to use for a variety of purposes. While I love the pink monogrammed stationery I’ve had for years I’ve come to realize that writing professional thank you notes after interviews on it doesn’t make me seem quite as grownup. While I’ll still be using that for personal purposes (nothing beats sending snail mail to friends) and thank you notes for graduation gifts (which you will definitely be sending a lot of, especially if you’re in highschool) I decided that now would be a great time to stock up on some classic but still modern stationery options to use.

Due to my indecision this was a much harder undertaking than I had imagined it would be. So, naturally, I ended up with an abundance of new stationery which should surely last me many holiday thank you notes and interviews to come. After finally adding options to my cart, slimming my cart down to just my favorites, and taking the time to customize each option I was so eager for them to finally arrive. The hardest decision for me came with the customization of each specific style. With the opportunity to choose different shapes, color schemes, text, envelopes, and stamps I feel like each of the items I ended up choosing are custom in a way which shows my personality while still looking mature to the recipient.

The stationery arrived so much sooner than I anticipated and I am so pleased with the way all of my letters will be looking thanks to the pieces personalized. I opted for the Simply Bright style and Clean and Crisp style as my more classic and professional options but couldn’t help but add the Organic Strokes style and Cornered style to my cart for other occassions as well. I ordered 25 of each style and am excited to not have to worry about not having stationary for any occasion on hand again.

In addition to all of the stationery that Minted has, their graduation gift section is a great place to start shopping if you know of anyone who will be donning a cap and gown any time soon. While I’ll be sharing other great graduation gifts in a later post, below I have included some of the ones from Minted that I think any graduate would be happy to receive!

As I get ready to decorate my first off campus apartment, I am excited to see that Minted has an extensive selection of home decor pieces as well. I’d love to hear if you’ve purchased anything from that area or any area of Minted’s site!

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  1. I've never heard of graduation announcements. I don't think it's popular where I live. It certainly does sound classy though, and your invitations are exactly that. Love the mint green and soft pink combination!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I don't think I know anyone who has done graduation announcements. But I live in Canada so it might be different. I am in LOVE with your stationery though, so pretty.

  3. Love those announcements. Reminds me of senior photos

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