Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spring Break Shopping List

Despite the fact that it is storming outside, I can not stop thinking about how excited I am to get all of my spring-y clothing to school once Spring Break ends. While I really do not enjoy packing and unpacking hopefully the bright colors that will find their way to my closet will make that a little bit more enjoyable. I have 2 days left until Spring Break and I am so ready for a bit of a break. While not everyone heads to the beach for the occasion this spring break shopping list would be better suited for those of you who are beach bound, sorry snow bunnies! 

Looking at retailers sites this time of year can almost feel like a vacation from reality since for the most part I wouldn't be dressed for the weather or would get a lot of weird stares if I started trying to wear these pieces now. Spring Break however, is the perfect excuse to put these on. The best part about a lot of these items is that many of them are included in Shopbop's sale. If you read any blog in addition to mine you have probably already heard all about this sale but if not let me fill you in. The sale Shopbop has going right now is one in which the more you buy the more you save. It didn't take me long to fill up my cart with all of these fun colors and I am sure that anyone looking for a few fun, new pieces will feel the same way. Depending on how much you spend you'll get somewhere between 15% and 25% off your order with the code GOBIG17.

So, even if your spring break isn't creeping up as soon as mine (although yesterday I thought it would never come) now is a good time to go ahead and stock up to put you in that vacation mindset! 

I'd love to hear which items are your favorite or if you have any fun trips planned! 


  1. Cute picks! I never had Spring Break, living in Hong Kong. But I do have a four day trip to Vietnam planned in April!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love the sunglasses. I wish I included them in my sunglasses round-up.

  3. Ahh so many cute things and fun colors! I'm not heading anywhere for spring break but I'm planning some fun summer trips!

    Ashley //


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