Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What I Keep In My Backpack

What's a new semester without a few new organization posts? One thing I think that all students should do, regardless of age, before starting out a new semester is to clean out their backpacks. While I'd like to say that my backpack stays clean all semester there are always some pens that have fallen to the bottom or some granola bar wrappers that could use being thrown away. Since your backpack becomes your catch all I think it is important to ensure that it has everything I may need for the day all in one place. 

It's funny to think about the fact that this is my last semester that I'll really need a backpack. While I am going to graduate school I'll often be coming from teaching. Usually, when I go to teach, I tend to carry all of my things in a tote bag since that looks slightly more professional. I do like that with backpacks you tend to get more pockets that can zip un keeping your items secure and cushier straps that don't tend to be as taxing on your shoulders. I've had the backpack I use since sophomore year of college and used the same style North Face one before that and am always shocked by how well they hold up despite the heavy wear they get during the school year. 

So, here is a look at what all I keep inside minus a few things like my laptop. As I've gotten older I've been fortunate enough to discover that my textbooks have decreased in size (and weight) which makes it a bit easier to carry everything around.

This is usually the last thing I put in my bag before heading out the door since I am using it seemingly non-stop. I have a post I did at the beginning of the school year all about how I organize it here but if that's something y'all would like to see an updated version of definitely let me know! 

pencil bag
I love having pretty colored pens and highlighters at my disposal and my pencil bag is always packed full of le pens, Sharpie highlighters, and bic atlantis pens as those are my favorite and most used writing utensils. Pouches are a great way to keep everything together and help me to avoid having pens explode in the bottom of my bag or disappear.  

notebook & binder
Since I have a bit of a weird schedule with my education block and classes on a rotating schedule I thought it would be easiest just to get one notebook for all of those classes and a small five-star foldable binder to ensure that I never forgot something I may need for class. So far I really like how I have it all organized and it has made packing up in the morning a breeze. 

post-it notes
I'm pretty sure I have post-it notes in just about any place you can imagine. My car, a number of my purses, and of course, my backpack. Post-its are perfect for me when I need to jot something down and stick it as a reminder in my agenda or make a note to myself in my binder. I constantly find myself reaching for post-its and have learned to just keep them on hand. 

s'well bottle
I tend to workout in the afternoon so having the ability to hydrate throughout the day is important to me. I've had my s'well bottle for well over a year and love the design of it and size. My backpack has pockets on the side which makes it so easy to fill it up and place it there on my way out the door. 

ID pouch
At most colleges, carrying around your campus ID is important and since I eat lunch on campus I want to make sure that I have my card available to utilize my meal plan. In addition to that, my ID pouch holds my other cards and keys all in one place! 

Headphones, granola bars, lip balm, and a few other miscellaneous items always find their way into my backpack as well. You never know when it's going to be too loud in the library or you're going to be in desperate need of a snack part of the way through class so it's nice to have these items on hand just in case.

I hope y'all enjoy this quick look at what I like to keep with me on a given schools day and would love to hear what you deem to be essential! 


  1. Great picks! When I was in school I would always have a granola bar or some almonds to kick those afternoon cravings especially when I was studying in the library and didn't have time to go back to my room.
    xo elle //

  2. I love my Day Designer. I have a bright pencil pouch that is easy to find in my backpack.

  3. I love to see what's inside people's bags, I love your pencil case it's so cute!
    Kelsey |

  4. I love "what's in my bag" type posts-I guess I'm just a nosey person! I too used a North Face backpack...which I carried through Freshman-Senior years...they just hold up so well!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  5. My backpack essentials is my water bottle and post it notes. I always forget to drink water throughout the day, so having a water bottle handy is a great reminder to hydrate. And I'm always coming up with ideas for a blog post or essay assignment, so post its allows me to jot down the idea and stick it on my notebook or planner to look at later.

    -Kim :)

  6. Love this! I think I need to invest in a North Face backpack and a Day Designer for college next year!


  7. This is awesome! I love that water bottle.


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