Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow Days

Happy Wednesday! I'm a bit afraid to walk outside today because I think the snow that has remained on the ground from this weekend will probably be melted. Since the roads and sidewalks have been clear and the snow hasn't really messed with any part of our daily life (ie. we are able to drive places without it being dangerous) I haven't minded it at all, and I actually really enjoy it. So often during the winter, the trees look so dull without their leaves and everything can look so dreary, but not with snow. Snow makes everything look a little bit brighter.  

After a particularly warm Christmas break I was glad to come back to some cold weather in South Carolina! My jackets, vests, and sweaters have all gotten some more play time because of it. Like the scenery, I think in the winter especially I gravitate toward more neutral colors when picking out an outfit. Grey seems to be my go-to color when it comes to sweaters or dresses during this time of year and that can get pretty boring. One clothing piece I always forget about and is the easiest solution when it comes to making a monotone outfit a little more fun is a scarf. While I have certainly purged some scarves over the years, the ones I do have are often forgotten about until it gets to be the snowy kind of cold we've been experiencing this past week. 

By having a number of fun (and warm!) scarves on hand I've been able to make it look a little bit less like I am wearing the same thing every day. It's so easy to get in the habit to throw on the same thing every day and by incorporating more scarves (that have proved to be equally as practical as they are at providing my outfits with variety) I feel as though my closet has expanded.


sweater (similar) // scarf // jeans // boots // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // necklace

If I were to truly "brave the cold" in this outfit some sort of jacket would be absolutely essential since otherwise I may just freeze! By having outfits like this on hand that I know will be warm without taking away from comfort I'm a lot more likely to not fall into the trap of throwing on leggings and a t-shirt before heading off to class. And if the classroom is particularly cold, this scarf certainly feels large enough to double as a blanket or pillow if you need some shut eye between classes. 


  1. Love the scarf. I recently got a very similar-looking one from Zara and it's so warm!

    Taylor |

  2. Yes!!! Snow makes anything look more lively

  3. I love the scarf. The gray scheme is amazing.

  4. I just got about a foot of snow! It is historical for my I can completely relate to how you feel about snow. Winter is just more right with snow. Everything looks more lively and beautiful and bright.

    Cat //

  5. I can't believe how much the weather is changing around the country! I've lived in Michigan my entire life and this year we've only had one big snow fall so far, but places that normally don't get snow are getting a ton! I'm glad you enjoyed it while you had it :)


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