Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Step Into My Week

So sorry for the quick little break in posts over here. With recruitment the past two weekends, the first week of school, and attempting to avoid getting sick (22 girls in KD were sick last week, and we fondly referred to everyone's health decline as the KappaDemic) I was slightly preoccupied. Fear not though since I am back! I will be sharing more photos than you'll ever wish to see in this Friday's Step Into My Week post but until then I'll leave recruitment out of it. 

Classes began on Monday and because I am an education major doing my practicum (student teaching) this semester I only have about a month of classes before I am in the classroom full time. While this is really exciting I've also been kind of overwhelmed with all of it. Hearing about how I am going to be evaluated and receiving syllabi for my classes with loads of assignments that are all due relatively soon has had me pretty anxious. I'm hoping that the nervous anxiety becomes excited anxiety soon and as I've begun to check off assignments that is becoming a slight reality. I know this semester will be a challenge since I'll have my feet in two different places as I teach full time at a school 45 minutes from Furman while also trying to enjoy my last semester of college with my friends. Balance is something I constantly look for and I know this semester I'll be looking for it more than ever. 

As I talked about in Thursday's post, routines are something I strive on so even with the rotating class schedule I have for the month to come I'm hoping I can start to develop a bit more consistency in my schedule. I was venting to my parents about my stress and my mom encouraged me to be a little bit more positive like a greeting card. Then, as my other education friends and I talked one friend said something that struck a cord with all of us when it comes to our happiness this semester. She said that every day we need to do something we like, and every week we need to do something we love. While ideally that will happen more frequently I thought it was a good mindset to take during what will be a challenging semester. 

On Tuesday, it was my roommate Sophia's 22nd birthday! We kicked off the celebration pretty early with decorations and a cinnamon roll cake which was delicious. She's pretty big into birthdays so we tried to make it as special as possible and a group of us went to dinner downtown to continue the festivities. The rest of the week was pretty normal and on Thursday I finally got to go back to the school that I was at all last semester (and will be teaching at this semester). My cooperating teacher didn't tell them I would be coming in that day and they were all so surprised and excited which was fun. Due to the snow, Thursday ended up being their only full day of school that week so they were a little wound up which made it all the more entertaining. I graded some of their papers and couldn't help but laugh at this response. 

Without including too much from recruitment and bid day that's going to wrap up this Step Into My Week but I know that Friday's will more than likely be quite a bit longer. Also, you may have seen that my grandparents so generously gave me a new camera for Christmas and I've been loving using it. Y'all continuously ask for more videos so I've been doing some vlog style videos since they have received a lot of positive feedback. While I wish I could say that they are really exciting because I do fun stuff in each of them it's more so just hanging out with me while I run errands or explain my thoughts or what I'm doing. I am leaving the ones I've done so far below for you to watch if you'd like! 

I hope that y'all are having a great start to your week as well as your semester if you're back in class already! Thanks for being so patient with me when it comes to blog posts. I always appreciate y'alls comments and support! 


  1. Glad everything seems to be going well with school! Enjoy your practicum! Such an exciting time.
    xo elle // https://splashofpreppy.com

  2. I love the idea of doing one thing you like everyday and one thing you love every week. I want to incorporate that into my life. I'm excited to hear more about student teaching. What does the main teacher do? What do you do? I've been loving your vlogs. Please make more.

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  4. What a fun week, Dorothy! I've been loving your vlogs and also find your student's response to that question so funny!



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