Thursday, January 19, 2017

Athletic Wear To Inspire Activity

With a new year resolutions to become more active are nearly unavoidable. The only times that the gym on my college campus seems as use as the new year are the beginning of fall semester and right before spring break. Any resolution to become more active can be a good one as long as health remains a major focus instead of just your weight or appearance. January can be a bit of a hard time to kick start activity though since it can be pretty chilly. Typically that leads people to head to the gym or some sort of class in order to meet their fitness goals for the day but sometimes working out inside can be kind of monotonous. The one solution I've found aside from finding a workout you truly enjoy or a buddy to exercise with is cute activewear. Athleisure seems to be all the trend lately and as a college student who values comfort while also wanting to look cute it is one trend I can fully get behind!

With athleisure enjoying its time in the spotlight it seems like every brand and store is coming out with the cutest workout clothes that make working out seem that much more exciting. Since I can definitely get sucked into perusing all sorts of cute workout tanks and leggings I thought it could be fun to share some of my favorite discoveries with y'all in case you're looking for a few new pieces to give you that extra push to head out the door and to the gym! There are certainly a variety of price points represented by these items (why does activewear have to be so expensive when all you do is sweat in it?) they are just a few of the many found on each sight that I found to be fun! And while they aren't nearly as fun, I swear by these yoga pants for everything from working out to wearing to class! 

I'd love to hear of any new places you may know of to shop for cute athletic wear!


  1. Activewear is my favourite type of clothing right now. Love the New Balance sneaks.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Love the whole athleisure look that has been trending the past couple of years. Lulu lemon is always my go to but to work out I actually love C9 by Target. Everything is super reasonable and it washes well. Sure it doesn't last forever, but since it is so reasonable you can keep buying new things!
    xo elle //

  3. Fun activewear always gets me excited to workout!! How cute are those palm printed leggings?! I love!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  4. the new balance x j. crew yoga pants are my absolute favorite- I'm trying to resist the splurge!
    xo, hannah

  5. Such gorgeous pieces! Love all the crisscross back tops

  6. I just wrote a blog post about workout wear. I love the cross back long sleeve. It would look great with the leafy pants. I'm loving the trend of lifestyle sneakers. I wrote a blog post on this yesterday. Great minds think a like when it comes to blogs.

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