Monday, January 9, 2017


Happy Monday! My days have been so thrown off ever since returning back to school last Tuesday! Recruitment has been in full swing and classes start today so hopefully I'll start to get my days of the week straight and develop a bit of a routine. It's always hard to leave after winter break knowing that things will be hectic but getting back to school and seeing friends is always good too.

Since I haven't been keeping up with Step Into My Week posts over the break (those will be back this Friday), I thought it would be fun to do another version of the "currently" post I did over the summer to give you a taste of what all I've been up to.

What's more current than a snow day snapchat?

Since the dining hall isn't open just yet I have been making a lot of food in my apartment to eat. I was able to go grocery shopping before our recruitment workshops began and am glad I did because I've been cooking more than I imagined. Lately, my go-to has been cooking chicken in a skillet and chopping a sweet potato into wedges and cooking them in the oven until they get crispy.

Drinking … 
Aside from cups of coffee I've been loving La Croix. During the day I primarily drink water but sometimes that can be kind of boring. My favorite flavors are lime and passionfruit! 

Listening … 
Recruitment chants. Non stop. We sing different chants when PNMs (potential new members) come into the room and leave and because of the frequency in which we sing them I've been listening to them in my head as well since they seem to be stuck there. 

Wearing … 
It has been pretty cold in South Carolina lately so lots of layers have been necessary when I decide to brace the weather but otherwise my preference is pajama sets. It's always sad to put away your favorite holiday pajamas so I've been making up for it by wearing my other favorite matching sets.

Loving …
The cold weather & snow. We actually had to miss a day of recruitment because Furman's campus was closed due to the snow. While that was kind of inconvenient with all the planning that goes into things it was really pretty to see the campus covered in white.  We had an especially warm Christmas in Alabama so I try to be appreciative of the cooler weather when it finally comes. 

Reading … 
My education textbooks. Some of my teachers so kindly gave us reading assignments over the break so I've been reading 3 different textbooks for my classes. I was able to do most of it over the break so I took full advantage of doing so by our Christmas tree. I have seen a number of bloggers recommending some books this break and would love to be able to read some of those, but reading for pleasure is a bit of a rarity for me when school is in session.

Watching … 
American Horror Story. Typically when I watch TV it's something on Netflix and is background noise while I work on other things. I don't really love just sitting and watching shows. So, when I was trying to decide something to watch over the break and couldn't come up with anything American Horror Story kept popping up. A number of my friends had recommended it so I gave it a try. I finished the first season and liked it but mainly kept watching because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I'm not sure if I'll watch another season or not, but the first one was good if you like that sort of show. 

Needing … 
My Day Designer to not be missing January 4th - January 23rd. When I opened it tonight to pack up my backpack I realized that there didn't seem to be all that many sheets between January and February which seemed bizarre for a planner that has a page for every day. When I flipped the page to check I came to discover that it is in fact missing a number of days which isn't the most convenient thing to discover the night before class begins but hopefully I'll get that figured out.

Enjoying … a day off
A snow day! Like I said, recruitment was canceled on Saturday due to the snow and while it did disrupt some plans it was so nice to not have to do anything that day. I had already had a cup of coffee by the time it was announced to us that recruitment was off so I opened my curtains and worked on stuff from my bed while enjoying the snow.

Excited … 
For bid day, getting in a routine, and being back on campus with friends. Bid day is always so much fun and makes the work that is put into recruitment that much more rewarding. I am a creature of habit and work so much more efficient when I have routines in place which is why I'm ready for classes to start back. This semester is going to be very different for me since I'll be off campus student teaching full time for most of it. That makes it a bit more exciting to actually be on campus right now for classes.

That should give you a pretty good look at what I've been up to since break has ended and I'm back at school. I hope that y'all will share what you've been up to currently with me as well! And go ahead and add the National Championship Game to what you're watching because I have every intention of watching Alabama beat Clemson tonight despite the fact that I am surrounded by Tiger fans here in South Carolina! 


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  2. I love this! Also, the pillows on your bed are sooo cute!! :)

  3. Best of luck with the start of your semester!


  4. I would love to hear about your perspective of recruitment. Can't wait to see more vlogs.

  5. Wow you have a crazy week ahead of you! Wishing you the best!

  6. Omg, that's the worst about your Day Designer! If you get desperate I am pretty sure they have free printables on the website which you could use for the missing days, but I'd def contact them about it, they were super nice when there was an issue with my DD!

  7. This is such an exciting update! I'm glad to hear everything has been going so well. I also loved your vlogs while you started them. Excited to see more this coming semester!!


  8. Love this! Good luck on the new semester :)

  9. Oh no, that's a bummer that your planner is missing days. I hope they figured it out and fixed it!


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