Sunday, November 27, 2016

Step Into My Week {Winter Formal, Deb Ball, and Thanksgiving Break}

Happy Sunday and busiest travel day of the year. Such a thrill that last part is especially considering I am contributing to it by heading back to school today. Fortunately, I am getting an early start so hopefully I'll be able to avoid some of the traffic but I foresee a generous amount of coffee to get me through the day. It's crazy to think that in just a few weeks I'll be heading back home for Christmas break before my last semester of college! With that scary realization aside here is a look at what I've been up to in the past week and let me be the first to tell you it was a fun one! 

Last Friday (well technically two Fridays ago I suppose) was my sorority's winter formal. This was the first function in a year that I didn't have to be in charge of and I took full advantage of that lack of responsibility. I was able to hangout with friends ahead of time, enjoy myself at the function, and not have to stress about the buses, venue, or our members. The end of presidency is already having its perks. We had the event at one of my favorite venues in Greenville and it was so fun to spend time with friends before a short week and heading home for the break. I wore this red dress (previously available here) to the event with my favorite nude heels (on super sale here) and know I'll be repeating this look the rest of the holiday season! 



The rest of the weekend was filled with more KD stuff as we had recruitment workshop all weekend. In all honesty I really do like recruitment so I didn't mind having it although a nap on Saturday did sound very nice. I woke up on Saturday and cooked pancakes for our apartment and then went to that which lasted until 2:30. Nell and I went to a fun Christmas gift market that afternoon before shooting some blog photos and getting Mexican food for dinner before a play on Saturday. Sunday was similar in that I got up and got some stuff done prior to our workshop which lasted until about 3:30 and then got ready for my last chapter as president. Fortunately, Sunday morning we were able to get some photos of our outgoing executive council and I know that these are photos I'll appreciate for a while as it is bittersweet to officially be done!

 The chapter gave me flowers and a number of members wrote me letters which meant so much to me (I am a sucker for handwritten notes). I definitely cried a little but am so excited for our new president, Grace (pictured below) as I know she will do such a terrific job.

On Tuesday it was time to head home for the break and as always I overpacked! This break has been pretty relaxing as I was able to get a decent bit of blog stuff done while also working on a huge project I have due on Tuesday. It's nice to be able to come back and feel like I've gotten a bit of school work accomplished since it makes things slightly less stressful. 

On Wednesday night however, I attended a friend's deb ball. I went to the same deb ball last year but this time stayed a bit longer and saw more people. I must've seen 10-15 people that I haven't seen since I graduated high school which was kind of odd but was also able to enjoy time with some of my close friends as well. I was super skeptical of the dress I ordered for the event but could not be more in love with it! I think the thing I was most worried about was the shine as it's more iridescent than a typical long gown. It definitely appeared shinier online which I was thankful of and it fit as though it were made for me with it hugging perfectly around the waist and brushing the floor in this pair of heels. While the cut on the front and the pleats is great, the back is what really drew me in. The bow cascading down the back looks even prettier in person than it appears in the photos! I decided to pair it with these pale pink tassel earrings and couldn't recommend the combo a single bit more. If you have any reason to wear a long gown in the coming months this one is under $100 and comes in pale pink as well! I am already excited to wear it again although I'm not sure when that will be. 



The rest of this break was spent at our beach house with my grandparents. My brother didn't come home for this break so it was just my parents, my grandparents, and myself which made things pretty quiet. We lucked out with the weather and ended up being able to go on a long boat ride on Friday which was nice but aside from that spent a lot of time enjoying the views from the porch.

I can't say I am too bummed to get back to school though since my roommate Sophia and I made an agreement not to watch the Gilmore Girls Revival without one another. If I had to guess if you need either of us we will be hanging out in the living room of our apartment binge watching these episodes! I'd love to hear more about your week and what you've been up to or what you think of the new Gilmore Girls episodes (don't spoil anything though)! 


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