Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Monogrammed Gifts to Give

Happy Hump Day! Wanna know something crazy? This is my last Wednesday of class this semester. We finish up with classes next Tuesday, have Wednesday as a study day, and exams start that Thursday lasting through the following Wednesday. How does December begin tomorrow and where has this semester gone? 

As you linger with those thoughts I am excited to bring you the first of my Gift Guides for this holiday season (although this Cyber Monday sale post highlights gifts for different recipients in different price ranges). I always have an internal battle when it comes to gift guides because I rarely get feedback on what exactly would work best for y'all or what you're looking for in this sort of post. Before Thanksgiving I made Nell sit down with me and go over what sort of images she liked best as I really have no idea what you want to see in this regard. These posts are always a lot of work in the most fun way. After looking at countless sites and figuring out how I want to present the items they are finally ready to post right as I find an item that I just *have* to include forcing me to rearrange everything. I really hope this helps y'all to check some of those tricky people to buy prizes for off your list while also inspiring a few extra additions to your list if you're struggling with that as well (still a work in progress Mom and Dad...). I'll be posting a number of gift guides in the coming weeks and am trying to make it easy for y'all by labeling all of them with the word "gift" so you can click that in the sidebar and see all of them in one place. 

Gift giving is one of my favorite things. Last Christmas my parents kept talking about the fact that I had "turned the corner" and was more enthusiastic about watching other people unwrap what I had picked out for them than I was to unwrap my own gifts. I always end up putting more pressure on myself than intended to get someone something they will love, use, and be surprised to receive but in the end it is so worthwhile and I really do get so much joy from watching people unwrap what I've picked out. If you want to see what I gave to family members last year I made a post about that here and fully intend to do the same this year (although not until after Christmas since I would be devastated to spoil the surprise). 

So after that long winded introduction to a relatively self explanatory post here is my first official gift guide of the season! Since I've always been drawn towards all things personal, classic, and preppy why not start with a southern girl's staple: Monograms. These are also the gifts that will be the first to have a deadline for being received before the holiday begins so you may as well snatch them up in plenty of time to ensure your recipient can open the gift come Christmas instead of an IOU for the prize.

I'll have a gift all about gifts for guys (not that I have much experience with that) but think that guys can appreciate personalization just as much as girls. Plus, if you find a monogrammed gift for a guy chances are it is something classic that he will be able to use for years. That's a win in my book! 

Lastly, if y'all have any specific requests for the set up of these guides or any particular recipients you're struggling to shop for please let me know below as I'd LOVE to help you out in that regard! And if you're feeling especially helpful feel free to answer these logistical questions below:

1. Do you like blurbs about why I've picked the items in the image?
2. Would it be helpful to number the items or are the descriptions below sufficient?
3. If it's a lower price item would it be helpful for me to indicate that? 
4. Do you like being able to scroll through the items in a widget beneath the image?
5. Who are you having the most trouble shopping for this year?

Whew! Talk about a lot of personalization including that survey! So appreciative of y'all reading this and would love to hear your opinion! 


  1. 1) I love the blurbs- it's great to hear your opinion!!
    2) the descriptions are great!!
    3) that would be really helpful!
    4) I personally don't- but that's because I typically read through Bloglovin and they don't show up.
    5)My brother- who isn't crazy preppy, and we are doing lower priced gifts for each other so I'm struggling finding stuff he would love.
    I just wanted to add a little comment- I adore your blog. I follow a bunch of different bloggers, but yours is most definitely my favorite. And I love your YouTube videos so much- would you please do birthday and Christmas gift videos?! Thanks for creating such a great corner of the internet!!

  2. Will you be doing videos over Christmas break?

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