Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sites College Girls Should Know About

I'm officially heading home! Oh how I love a good break from school back in my hometown. I feel like all so often breaks are spent enjoying family, catching up on sleep, and attempting to actually get some homework done. This will certainly be the case for me as I am guessing that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break will be a whirlwind. 

Because it would be crazy not to at least take a little bit of time for yourself I thought it would be fun to introduce two sites to y'all that are well fit for college girls! You may be familiar with these however if you're not you'll be scrolling through these during the entirety of the Gilmore Girls revival. If you're like me then you're always looking for resources that are applicable to life now, the stresses you encounter, and the solutions you can come up with (hey, maybe that's why you're on my site) and these sites do just that. 

First, The Every Girl. Of the two I feel like most of you may be familiar with this site! With topics ranging from finance to beauty there is something for just about everyone to connect with hence the name The Every Girl. I think the first time I discovered this site a year or two ago I spent hours reading through informative articles on things I didn't even know I would someday need to know. For you girls stressing about jobs in the future or moving to a new city and knowing nothing the site has an entire job board as well as posts on a given area of the country, a resource that I know many of my friends will appreciate as they start the job hunt. 

Similar to the Every Girl but unique in its own way is a new to me site known as Bond Twenty. I discovered this maybe two weeks ago and have been raving about it to my friends ever since. Bond Twenty has a wide range of informative posts as well but seems to have a more relatable writer base as any member of the community can write posts to share with everyone else! Bond Twenty also has an incredible job board that has me almost wishing I didn't know what I'm going to be doing my first year post grad. 

I'd love to know if y'all have any suggestions of similar sites for me to explore with the bit of free time I'll have this week.


  1. so helpful! this isn't necessarily a website, but I just wrote about two apps every college girl should have on my blog!
    xo, Hannah

  2. Even though I'm not in college anymore (how I wish I still was though!), I'll be checking out Bond Twenty if it's similar to The Every Girl, which I love!
    - Charmaine


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