Friday, October 21, 2016

Step Into My Week

Hooray for Friday! This week was a restful one towards the beginning and kicked into high gear towards the end at least for me anyway! Furman gave us Monday and Tuesday off for fall break and I took advantage of that by heading home on Friday morning. In my head I always think I want to do something really fun and exciting for fall break but by the time it comes around I am always super content with the idea of heading home especially since midterms are typically the week before. Nell and I drove home together and it was nice to have someone to entertain me on the eight hour drive.

For the most part I took it easy over the break but was able to see a number of friends while I was home. 3 of my really close friends (who all happen to be sisters) were all home Friday night so after enjoying dinner at home with my parents I headed to their house where we had a bonfire on the beach as we caught each other up on life. It was so peaceful and such a treat to get to see all of them at once since with our busy schedules that can be a rarity.

Saturday my dad went to do a bike ride with his triathlon friends so my mom and I went shopping and out to lunch with my grandparents before coming back to watch the Alabama game. I took a solid 2 hour nap that afternoon which even I was impressed with since I slept in until about 9:30 that morning. It's funny how quickly my body can adjust to being home since at school I struggle to ever sleep past 8. Sunday was another relaxing day and I went out to brunch with my parents before going to one of my favorite coffee shops to get some work done. There I met another one of my friends and we caught up with each other for a bit before she had to head back to Birmingham. The rest of the break involved errands and a bit more school work in a far from stressful environment which is always refreshing.

Tuesday Nell and I headed back to school and decided to cook ourselves dinner in the apartment. I love having a kitchen and wish I had more time to really be creative with meals. Then, we baked cookies as an apartment and watched Hocus Pocus together to prolong fall break as best we could. Wednesday was another regular school day and our sorority had an intramural soccer game that night. I've loved getting back into soccer by playing intramurals and even scored a hat trick (3 goals) during that game. Since it was the semi finals we had the finals last night which we won and I was able to score another goal during. Last night as I was working on homework I experienced what every college student assignment you've completed deleting on you. I've always heard horror stories about this and can now say I've experienced it first hand since suddenly my saved 6 page assignment came up as 2 bullet points. Fortunately I was able to knock it out a bit faster the second time around and it has since been turned in but now I feel like I can finally understand what people are talking about when they say that an assignment deletes on them.


Tonight my sorority has a function which should be fun and the plans for the rest of the weekend are still a bit up in the air until Sunday. I am so excited about hosting my first meet up per se on Sunday in Greenville with Southern Tide so if you're local I would love to meet you from 1-3 at their store downtown to sip, shop, and socialize together! And...they've just informed me that if you spend $50 during the event you get a free Southern Tide t-shirt so that's pretty exciting! I can't wait to recap this event with you in next week's Step Into My Week but hope y'all have a wonderful weekend in the meantime! 


  1. I so wish I could be at the meet up, I'll be there in spirit haha. Love these posts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like such a fun week! Wish I lived closer to Greenville so I could attend your meeetup!


  3. Seems like you've been busy this week! Wish I could have attended the meet and greet!


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