Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Bucket List

When writing down numerous different blog posts I want to write and get up for y'all this one kept getting moved to the top of my list. Last year I created a fall bucket list and it is still heavily trafficked and pinned so I though why not give it an update. Although fall is definitely in full force sometimes a a bit of encouragement as you're already into a season is just what it takes for you to appreciate a season more! 

You can bet that this will be printed and put on our fridge to encourage my roommates and I to enjoy all that fall has to offer especially in Greenville! It's a lot more fun to accomplish these things with friends instead of solo so be sure to get an accountability buddy to help you through this list! 

The adorable illustrations in this graphic are drawn by Evelyn Henson. If you haven't seen all of her prints and site then you must check them out! 

I couldn't help but include that last one on the list. I am doing everything in my power to avoid getting sick. I've gotten my flu shot, take Emergen-c on a regular basis, and am attempting to get enough sleep so let's hope that's enough to combat it! I'd love to hear what is on your fall bucket list or which of these tasks you're most eager to check off! 


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