Thursday, October 27, 2016

First of Fall Flannel

I tend to be the epitome of a rule follower. Abiding by any guideline to a T In some ways this is a blessing and in other ways it can keep me a bit to stuck in my comfort zone. Whether in school or in fashion I typically don't stray from the status quo. The saddest part about leaving summer to me is the fact that that typically means white bottoms are stored away until late April or May when it's "acceptable" to wear them again. After seeing so many cute outfits on other blogs and pinterest incorporating white bottoms I decided to give it a go myself. When bending the rules it's best to make sure you're not doing any harm to yourself and others and wearing a white skirt definitely isn't harmful. 

In order to ensure that I didn't look like I had forgotten to flip my calendar a few months I opted to try this out with a dark fall flannel in order to create a bit of balance. With some brown accessories my first attempt at white after labor day didn't catch me as off guard as I would've suspected. Wearing this to chapter and to student teach and receiving numerous compliments had me scoffing at how silly this rule may be. Flannels are one of my favorite pieces to reach for in the fall and winter due to their versatility and it's nice to know that these don't have to remain exclusive to outfits of vests, jeans, and boots and can look equally as put together with fun flared skirts. Over fall break, my mom and I were in J.Crew and as we left she said something along the lines of "the lumberjack trend is back" when commenting on the number of plaid flannels lining the store windows. I don't think I could make it through a fall or winter without wearing button down flannel shirts so I'm hoping that this "lumberjack trend" never goes away.  





flannel // white skirt // madewell tote c/o // loafers // necklace // watch c/o // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )


  1. This is so cute! I never would have thought of pairing this with a white skirt!


  2. I love the whole outfit! Perfect for fall and bending a few rules. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Flannels with jeans are always super cute, but I love how you styled it with a skirt

  4. Nothing beats a good fall flannel! I live in mine all fall/winter.
    xo elle //

  5. So cute! I'm trying to resist wearing white, but like you all these bloggers are tempting me to pull them back out!

    Ashley //

  6. Wow! I just love this combination of dressing; it really gives me new ideas. Amazon The Walking Dead Season Negan Jacket

  7. This outfit is so cute, Dorothy! I think I need your plaid shirt!



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