Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Workout Wear to Beat the Heat

Even if summer doesn't technically start until June 21st the moment I got home and felt temperatures in the nineties and humidity nearing a hundred I automatically classified that as summer. The great thing about going to school in South Carolina is that I actually get a taste of all four seasons where as in south Alabama it's either scorching hot or comfortably cold (I say both generously). The only bummer of coming home for summer is that I want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and area where I live by means of running but if I don't do so before 8:30 then I feel like I may sweat to death. I especially get excited to run all of my favorite routes from high school but I don't exactly want to sacrifice sleep to avoid the heat.

I have found that having (and wearing) the right workout clothes for a run or workout outside helps to give me a bit of a grace period until 10:30 and after 4:30 allowing me to run outside without facing a heat stroke. Light and airy material is my best friend as is anything that will make sure any sweat isn't too noticeable. Dark shorts may as well be your saving grace and the flowier the better with shorts and tanks. While tight running tops are more supportive I am a bigger fan of having tops that won't stick to my body making the heat feel even stickier.

So that we can all avoid any problems with working out outside during the summer months I have searched around for some great workout clothing options to beat the heat. Better yet, a lot of these won't break the bank too! And since it's summer be sure to add in plenty of bright colors! Don't forget the water bottle either, the most important accessory to avoid dehydration. Shop my favorites from the image and photos below and let me know where you like to get your athletic clothes so I have more options the next time I need clothes to continue to motivate me to stay in shape!


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