Monday, May 18, 2015

What's In My Carry On / European Flight Essentials

Carry ons can be tricky. How are you supposed to know what you will want on a flight days before you actually depart? These were all thoughts running through my head as I was packing up last week. Since I first headed back to Greenville for a few days that made packing especially difficult. 

I took things out and put them back in before finally zipping my tote up as I prepared to head to the airport. As someone who is a chronic over packer I tried extra hard to make sure to only bring the necessities for this trip. Taking less over means bringing more back, right? I am sure I have brought items that may be forgotten or unworn but weighing my suitcase at the airport and it being 37 pounds was a mini accomplishment that deserved a bit of recognition. 

I used my large navy Longchamp le Pliage bag as my carry on since it can be used as a purse while I'm away and if I choose not to it can be folded up and packed back in my suitcase. With nylon that is easy to clean and a zipper on the top to secure everything it is perfect to place under the seats in the plane. I am the type of person that loves organizing the contents of my bags into smaller bags which is what I did for this trip. Here are the items that made the cut for my personal carry on bag!

longchamp large le pliage in navy | kelly wynne clutch (love all of her pieces) | book | laptop + sleeve | cords | headphones | eye mask | iPad mini + case | portable phone charger | Gigi New York Bucket Bag | wallet | passport + cover | mints | gum  | tide to go | zip lock bags | socks | granola bars | mini cetaphil | hand sanitizer | mini deodorant | colgate wisps | journal | pen | highlighter | water bottle

All of these things were stowed away in one of the bags above and then stored below my seat as my "personal item." For my other carry on I took this duffle and put 2 outfits in there along with a rain jacket and my converse just for safe measures in case my luggage gets lost. I also tossed in this makeup bag stocked full of my favorite quick makeup favorites.


  1. I'm going to Europe soon and you will not believe how much I've been freaking out about what to pack while in flight! Thank you SO much!

    - Ruth S. |

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