Friday, May 15, 2015

Step Into My Week {#19}

Happy Friday and for me the last Friday in America for a few weeks! For the next few weeks posts are scheduled to go up and my bags are packed and I am ready to embrace this adventure. This past week was a bit of a whirlwind with unpacking everything from school and repacking for this trip while enjoying a bit of family time before departing. 

Sunday was spent at the beach with my mom and grandmother (and the rest of my family) boating, beaching, eating, and paddle boarding (a new addition at our beach house). It was nice to have that taste of summer before heading back to school to do a bit of school work before heading out


Tuesday it was back to Furman with an overnight stop in Atlanta before arriving back on Wednesday. Wednesday night a big group of the girls going on the trip with us went out to dinner downtown followed by a trip to our favorite ice cream spot, Spill the beans.

Thursday was spent with lectures and then research for one of our projects in the afternoon. That night we went out as an entire group to a really good pizza place (Sidewall) and enjoyed bonding and each others company followed by another delicious ice cream cone. Today we have more lectures and even more research for another one of our presentations before departing tomorrow morning. Get ready for lots of pictures of everything French in the next few weeks!

 Au Revoir!


  1. So exciting! Paddle boarding is so much fun- my family has one at my lake house and it is pretty much my favorite thing ever! Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!


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